Menu Spotlight: Big Bowser

Forget about the joy of cooking for a moment; today we want to discuss a topic that is near and dear to our hearts—the ecstasy of eating! Your life is full of work, school, kids, chores, and an endless array of nonstop things you MUST do, and we at Super Mac Bros are delighted to be able to treat you for a change. We spend our lives doing the cooking so that you do not have to, and every item on our menu is designed to make your day better. Because we are so passionate about feeding our friends who have become family, we thought we would take a few minutes to sit back and discuss one of the more popular dishes on the Super Mac Bros menu, the Big Bowser! Sit back, relax, and take a break from the must-dos in your life, and get to know the Big Bowser a little better. Reading about food is one of the simple pleasures in life, second only to eating!

Everyone Needs a Little Mac & Cheese in Their Lives

In our minds, truer words have never been spoken! From our earliest years, macaroni and cheese has always been there for us, whether served exactly as the recipe on the blue box explained, enhanced with cut up hot dogs, or the masterpieces of deliciousness homemade mac & cheeses created by our mothers and grandmothers, it is the picture that is in the dictionary next to comfort foods. Rainy days became cheerful with the sunny colors of this basic pasta dish, and cold days became sultry with the first bite of heaven, and Super Mac Bros tries to re-create those simple moments of pleasure with each ingredient we add to our bowls. The Big Bowser takes macaroni and cheese to that next level of wonderful, adding a hint of the Southwest, a taste of the country, and to make our mothers happy without taking away from the rich flavors, a few veggies for color and health! The science of creating the perfect dish has been perfected with this special bowl, and our mouths have already begun to water even if we have only hinted at the kaleidoscope of flavor that you are about to experience.

Innovative Recipe + Fresh Ingredients + a Pinch of Love = the Big Bowser

At some point in our lives, we looked at a plate filled with all that gooey richness and thought to ourselves, “We can do better!” With the Big Bowser, we KNOW we succeeded! We did not step too far outside of the realm of normality at first, sticking to the classic elbow macaroni that is typical of most mac & cheese dishes, and because we wanted something hearty, we chose cheddar for the cheese that brings you comfort, but normal stops from this point on. Southwest living has taught us the importance of heat, and the chipotle cream is the base from which perfection is created. Now, if we stopped right here, we know that already this dish welcomes you to an entire world of taste, but Super Mac Bros wanted to take you past the initial wow and introduce you to O.M.G! We added roasted corn that tastes like a summer day from your childhood and tossed in a selection of bell peppers that gives the macaroni and cheese a touch of color. Finally, because we wanted the Big Bowser to be your go to dish on those days when you are feeling ravenous, the applewood smoked bacon ensures that this dish will be the mac daddy of all mac & cheeses! With every bite you take, the smoky flavors of the bacon and the slightly spicy heat of the chipotle cream will transport you to new heights!

Goes with Everything

All the cheesy goodness of the Big Bowser is guaranteed to make you thirsty, and although every drink goes well with this special dish, we urge you to try one of our mason jar lemonades to quench your thirst! The tangy sweet flavor and the icy chill of the drink work together to guarantee that your Super Mac Bros adventure is going to be one that you remember forever, and just as the roasted corn tastes like summer, our lemonades taste like the summers of your youth. Sip deeply as you enjoy your impromptu picnic, wherever you choose to eat your Big Bowser, and if you still have room, our mini cannoli offer the perfect ending to a perfect meal!

Stop by Today and Enjoy our Big Bowser

Now that we have you thinking about the amazing flavors of our Big Bowser mac & cheese, you know you aren’t going to be happy until you taste it for yourself. Hope to see you soon!


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