Summer Wedding Catering from Super Mac Bros

When you say yes to the big question, there are a lot more yesses that will follow: one for the ring, one for the dress, and one for the food that will be the second-most remembered part of your special day—the first, of course, will be the joy and love on the happy couple’s faces! If only planning a wedding could be as easy as falling in love was, life would definitely be a lot simpler, but it would not be as interesting! Although we cannot help you choose the venue, and you certainly do not want Super Mac Bros opinion on your dress or tux, when it comes to feeding the happy couple and all their guests, the fun couples choose us! This guide to our Summer Wedding Catering will help you check yes to one more item on your list.

Not Your Ordinary Wedding Menu

Let’s face it, you are not an ordinary bride or groom. You have spent your entire life swimming against the current, setting trends, not following fads, and doing everything you can to stand out in a crowd. So why would you settle for the same wedding style, music, and food that your cousin Ashley or brother Kevin did? Your wedding should be an extension of your style, and your style is fun and fashion-forward, making Super Mac Bros the PERFECT choice for your wedding meal! Macaroni and cheese is the original comfort food, and you want your guests to feel as comfortable on your big day as they do sitting at their own tables in their own houses, but remember: Comfort does not mean boring, and the delicious twists we offer in our featured dishes will prove once again that you are definitely a trend-setter! Because we feature a variety of different ways for you to get your tasteful obsession, including drop off services, chef attended stations, and of course, the big Super Mac Bros truck or trailer, you can pick the option that best suits the theme of your magical day! And because choices matter, our menu plans are bound to be the easiest decision you make; choose between a no-protein option (Menu A), a two-protein choice that includes chicken and steak (Menu B), and a three-protein choice with chicken, steak, and shrimp (Menu C).

The Taste of Happiness

We love to feed people almost as much as we love to eat, and our modern twists on the classic comfort food will be the secondary highlight to your wedding! Starting with the pasta, although a few of our dishes do contain the standard elbow macaroni, we also offer a penne pasta dish, the Fire Mario, created with a spicy tomato cream sauce and parmesan, a linguini-based dish, the Sweet Luigi, made with fresh pesto cream, Italian squash, bell peppers, and parmesan, and one that even substitutes black beans for the pasta, the Rosalina Southwest Mac; built with chorizo, chipotle cream, black beans, roasted sweet corn, cilantro, and salsa verde, this spicy dish is the perfect selection for any Southwest-themed wedding! Other delicious options (There are no wrong choices when it comes to macaroni and cheese, just exquisitely delicious selections!) include our vegetarian dish, the Daisy Mac, made with grilled tofu, grilled sweet corn, elbow pasta, and cheddar cheese sauce. For the really big appetite, the Big Bowser is here! Everyone will fall in love with this bowl, combining chipotle cream, roasted corn, bell peppers, cheddar, elbow macaroni, and Applewood smoked bacon. Although the traditional wedding cake is to be expected, our mini cannoli and crème-filled churros are a success everywhere we go, so be sure to add them to the menu! You will also find small bites that include bruschetta selections, pretzel bites, and elote, and if you are forced to choose just one, we say once you go elote, you will be happy for the rest of your life!

The Day Goes by Fast with Summer Wedding Catering

When the rings have been exchanged, the cake has been cut, and the final twirl around the dance floor has been completed, you and your bride or groom can cut away to your honeymoon, knowing that the biggest party of your life was also the biggest success! The day you have been planning for almost your entire life has come and gone so fast, it will feel like a dream, but the memories will truly last forever as you and your chosen one dance off into the night on light feet and with full bellies, eager to begin the next chapter in your life. We at Super Mac Bros will be honored that you chose us and want to be the first to wish you congratulations! Give us a call today and cross another wedding chore off your to-do list!


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