What’s Your Favorite Meal from Super Mac Bros?

As you go about your day answering emails, taking phone calls, and attending endless meetings that could have been handled with a simple email, do you find your mind drifting? Do you begin to picture big heaping bowls filled with different versions of our Super Mac Bros macaroni and cheese? Or do you have one constant that fills your dreams and runs through your mind like a train? We are quite pleased to know that our meals make our patrons happy, and that simple fact brings us to the very important question of the day: What is your favorite meal from Super Mac Bros? We don’t mean to put you on the spot, but we want to ensure that we continue to offer the flavors that you crave!

Take Me Home, Truffle Toad

Could it be the Truffle Toad that makes your pulse speed up? Created with alfredo truffle cream sauce, roasted garlic mushrooms, and the classic elbow macaroni of your favorite childhood dish, if this special meal is destined to be the star of your day dreams and you find yourself counting the minutes until you can sink your fork into its delicious creaminess, well, we are happy to offer a meal that keeps you smiling!

Flower Child of Ours

No, we aren’t calling you a hippy. We are, of course, wondering if the Daisy Mac is the dish of your dreams! This totally vegetarian option doesn’t ditch flavor with the meat and is created from a groovy combination of ingredients that includes grilled tofu, grilled sweet corn, bell peppers, elbow macaroni, and creamy cheddar cheese sauce! If Daisy Mac is your choice, the only downer in your day is having to wait until the lunch bell rings to seek your nirvana!

For the Love of Rosalina

Rosalina Southwest Mac is the one that you love, and we can clearly see the attraction! Made with chipotle cream, black beans, roasted corn, cilantro, salsa verde, and for that extra spark of heat, fresh and spicy chorizo sausage makes this dish as close to perfection as any dish can be! When you first fell in love with Rosalina, you hoped it would be a lifelong attraction, and we certainly hope you will choose her every day of the year! Rosalina Southwest Mac lovers are happy people who aren’t afraid to look for a little spice in their lives.

Eat Dessert First At Our Arizona Food Trucks

Your favorite meal doesn’t necessarily have to be the main dishes that we prepare for you daily in our food trucks. Perhaps your heart yearns to enjoy dessert first and our mini cannolis are the biggest constant in your busy life! We admire your spirit, your sense of adventure that makes you believe that life is too short to not do the things that make your heart happy, and we will continue to provide our sweetest dish! Made with the simplest of ingredients, including chocolate chips and mascarpone cream, every bite of our mini cannoli gives you an explosion of flavor that you can’t live without, sweetening your disposition as it offers a hug to your soul!

Snacks to Savor

There are some snacks that immediately bring us back to our childhood, and if it’s our pretzel bites that bring you to our truck, we can totally understand! The warmth of the dough, the savory taste of the salt, and of course the spicy goodness of the whole grain mustard in which you dip these small bites of wonderful all combine to create a memory of carnivals and street fairs and many of the happiest moments in your life, so of course, this appetizer delight tastes like a trip through memory lane!

Only the Hungry

We live in a world of small plates and tiny bites, and we learn from an early age that it is better to eat light, but there are always those times when you can’t help but seek out something big. If the Big Bowser is your favorite Super Mac Bros meal, we can see you have a hearty appetite for life! It is made from chipotle cream and roasted corn that tastes like summer, bell peppers to make sure your mama is happy with your healthy meal choices, cheddar, and of course, the meat that makes the world go round, Applewood smoked bacon! Combined with the classic elbow pasta, the Big Bowser satisfies your every craving on those hungriest of days and feeds your soul in those moments that comfort is needed.

Every Meal Has the Potential to Be Your Favorite meal from Super Mac Bros

Whether you already have a favorite or are looking to discover a new one, stop by one of our Arizona food trucks today and taste happiness!


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