Menu Spotlight: Truffle Toad

As you get to know more about the delicious foods we at Super Mac Bros offer, you may have noticed one particular item on our menu, one that made you giggle at the name when it first caught your eye. The Truffle Toad is definitely an eye catcher, and before we go any further, we would like to reassure you that it does NOT contain frogs, toads, or any other creature that hops and croaks! Rather, the Truffle Toad could be considered an oxymoron, as the name inspires whimsy while the taste offers an elegantly delectable blend of flavors that could easily be the centerpiece meal in any special occasion! This guide to the wonders of the Truffle Toad is designed to give you a little more insight into the minds of the Super Mac Bros cooks, and of course, meant to inspire you to maybe visit a little more often than you had originally intended—enjoy!

Hop on Over!

Excuse the pun, we couldn’t resist, that name gets us every time! In all seriousness, though, even as we claim no favorites, the creamy and distinctive flavors of the Truffle Toad do touch a soft spot in our hearts, and on cold nights (Newcomers to the desert may be surprised to learn that when the sun sets in the winter the mercury falls as well!) it has become our go-to dish. Featuring a creamy alfredo sauce bursting with the earthy essence of the truffle, if we added nothing more than the classic elbow pasta we all love so well, it would still be an absolute success. There is something wonderful about the truffle, a sort of mushroom that in the past only trained truffle pigs could find—today they use dogs that are less likely to eat the truffles once found—and if you have never tried it before, Super Mac Bros Truffle Toad is the perfect dish to do so! But of course, if you have been a fan of ours for any amount of time, you KNOW we cannot stop with just sauce and macaroni. There’s a simple magic found in all our mac dishes, and the formula continues with the next ingredients of this much adored recipe. Adding a pinch of parsley for color and for the perfect finishing touch, savory roasted garlic mushrooms and for those who need a little more protein in their mac and cheese dishes? Adding chicken for just $3 more makes this dish absolute perfection. You can also choose to add steak for just $4 more, but the chicken just seems to be the better match, in our minds, at least! There is no judgment here, however, and you can add, chicken, steak, or both if you desire; the stomach wants what the stomach wants!

So Many Ways to Enjoy Our Arizona Mac and Cheese

If you simply can’t wait another minute for Arizona mac and cheese, you can dig into your bowl of deliciousness immediately and find heaven but hanging out by a food truck is not the only way to enjoy this simply elegant dish. The weather is still a little warm for outside dining, so take a couple of bowls home and rejoice in a quiet evening spent with your spouse/partner/BFF along with a glass or two of a sweet German Riesling and some soft music to set the mood. Your children will love our Truffle Toad, especially when you tell them what it is called, so be sure to order extra or deal with them asking for “just one more bite!” The protein serves growing bodies well, so after a big game, a bowl of Truffle Toad and a big old glass of milk promises to make them stronger, and if you add a couple of scoops of chocolate milk powder to their milk, no one is going to complain! Put it in a cooler and bring it along for your weekend in the cool pines, reveling in the creamy and earthy flavors as you take a few days to get back to nature; Flagstaff is enjoying highs in the 50s and lows in the 30s right now, which after the long and scorching summer sounds just about heavenly. The warm heartiness of this dish can also be enhanced when enjoyed with mulled wine and the view of trees dressed in their autumn’s finest. There is no wrong way to enjoy the sophisticated blend of flavors found in our Truffle Toad mac and that is exactly what we want out of life!

Follow the Food Trucks and try out our Truffle Toad

By now you probably recognize the colorful Super Mac Bros trucks, and you probably know where they hang out, so head in that direction and be prepared to fall in love with the fabulous flavors of our Truffle Toad mac. See you soon!


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