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There’s a special place in our hearts reserved specifically for memories of Christmas: our earliest celebrations (that we can remember!) when we still believed in the Jolly Old Elf, discovering that he really did get our carefully written note begging nicely for that Easy Bake Oven; our first Christmas with our spouse, when the lights dimmed on the tree in comparison with the starlight in our eyes; and that first Christmas with our own child, laughing at his love of the boxes instead of the toys we selected. These memories, along with thousands of others, are tucked away in their spot, enticing us to make new memories every year, no matter how tired and busy we are! Yes, it is that time of year where we overcommit, overspend, and overwork, and this year we are going to do all the same again. But this year, you have an ace up your sleeve, a card that gives you the opportunity to relinquish a bit of control while still providing everything your Christmas celebrations have always been in the past. This year you have chosen the Christmas Arizona catering services we offer at Super Mac Bros, and the memories you make will be just as sweet as the ones you already treasure!

Delicious Options From Our Arizona Catering Services

As you flit around your home, humming your favorite Christmas carols under your breath, adding the final touches to your holiday décor, we can be the reason you feel especially merry this year. We offer a variety of catering choices, including drop off catering for your more intimate events, a food truck that will wow the neighborhood with its convenience, delicious foods, and nearly totally silent generator, or a food trailer that offers much the same convenience as our full size truck while using up much less space. For those whose party just wouldn’t be the same without an added touch of elegance, however, we suggest our traditional catering service that promises to blend in nicely with your blue and silver holiday décor. Choose action stations that are manned by chefs to impress your friends or stick to the traditional double-sided buffet and still impress your guests! The warmth of your charm and your sparkling personality will ensure that every event you throw shines bright; our food just adds that extra element of wow that your guests will all appreciate.

Comfort Food for the Heart

The best Christmases are not necessarily the ones with the most expensive gifts; they are the ones that offer comfort, laughter, and love. Nothing says love more than a delicious meal, and the comfort our dishes provide will be the second thing you remember most about this holiday! Offering a selection of menus filled with your favorite dishes, our A, B, & C menu choices will please and can be mixed and matched if your gathering is especially large. Our A menu, featuring the Fire Mario, Big Bowser, Daisy Mac, and the Sweet Luigi, is a popular choice giving your holiday celebration a vegetarian option for your friends who follow the veggie lifestyle. Our B Menu allows for the addition of two proteins for a little extra energy (Who know opening presents could be so energy consuming?) and includes the Fire Mario, Truffle Toad, Rosalina Southwest Mac, and again, the Daisy Mac, as Christmas is always that much sweeter when everyone can join in the meal. Finally, our C menu varies from our A menu in just one way; it offers three proteins—chicken, steak, or shrimp—to ensure that your guests will not leave the party still hungry. Comfort food, colorful decorations, and the love of your family and friends will ensure that this Christmas is just as memorable as all the others, the only difference will be all the added energy you exude, having left the hard work to Super Mac Bros!

The Most Wonderful Season of All

2021 has been a year filled with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, but this Christmas will be filled with memories to tuck away in your heart, and as you gather your friends and family close to you, chatting, laughing, and of course feeding your soul with the delicious flavors found in our Super Mac Bros meals! Give us a call today or fill out the form you will find on the catering section of our website and let us help you throw the Christmas party to which everyone will wish they were invited. As this oh so strange and wonderful year draws ever nearer to its end, we would like to be the first to wish you Merry Christmas and thank you for trusting Super Mac Bros with the biggest party of the year!


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