Resolve to Eat Better in 2022 with Super Mac Bros

The holidays are a time for family, reflection, and lots of really good food, but when the new year begins, we often find ourselves regretting the latter. Too much Thanksgiving turkey, too many Christmas cookies, and of course, far too many champagne toasts on New Year’s Eve can wreak havoc with the numbers on our scale! So if you are like so many others in the world this December 31st, chances are you are putting your resolutions on paper, starting with resolving to eat better in 2022. Because most resolutions end up being broken within weeks, if not days, hours, or even minutes, we at Super Mac Bros have decided to give you a little help with this guide to eating better. Of course, you may be wondering how a food truck that serves comfort food can help you with your dining resolution, but if you trust us, all will be revealed, and before long you will be leading a better, healthier lifestyle that will lasso those scale numbers back under control with the help of our Arizona mac and cheese!

Fresh Is the Key

The easiest way to eat better is to begin by eating fresh, and the ingredients we use in our Super Mac Bros meals are fresh, sweet, and healthy! Roasted corn and bell peppers in our Big Bowser, garlic mushrooms in our Truffle Toad, even the black beans in our Rosalina Southwest Mac are all ingredients that are locally sourced whenever possible and lacking the artificial chemicals and preservatives often found in lesser restaurants! Fresher tastes better and helps create a lifestyle change that is easy to follow, which helps us stay on track far longer than we might have.

Moderation Matters

Rich and creamy does not always top the diet list, but moderation helps make the changes you do make go easier! How many times in your life have you started a diet with the best intentions, only to be waylaid by donuts on a Friday morning after a week of strict compliance? Denying yourself everything that tastes great is the surest way to fail, and if you decide on Tuesday to enjoy a tasty Fire Mario bowl with added chicken, it will be far easier to say no to the éclair so rudely screaming out your name! Another way to practice moderation is to enjoy a smaller portion and save the rest for another day, and as the flavors of our Rosalina Southwest Mac marinate for an extra day or so, you may just find the taste even more to your liking!

No Meat Mondays With the Help of Arizona Mac and Cheese

Protein is good for you, but the extra calories won’t be missed when you choose to make Mondays meatless and purchase our Daisy Mac! Made with grilled tofu, fresh grilled sweet corn, fresh green peppers, elbow pasta, and cheddar cheese sauce, this vegetarian special is popular with carnivores as well. Another meatless option, the Truffle Toad is a rich and creamy treat you may just want to include as a regular addition to your new lifestyle’s menu! Created from alfredo truffle cream sauce, roasted garlic mushrooms, parsley, and elbow pasta, the sophisticated blend of rich flavors promises to make the unusually named dish your absolute favorite!

Colorful and Healthy

Nutritionists tell us that the key to a healthy diet can be found in loading our plate with veggies of all colors; the more colorful our plates are, the healthier we are eating. Our Waluigi Salad, made of crisp greens, cherry tomatoes, English cucumbers, pickled red onions, and topped with our house balsamic dressing is so delicious, you may just forget that you are following through on your resolution to eat better in 2022! Locally sourced and guaranteed fresh, we can’t decide which bite is our favorite, but that is ok, our house made balsamic dressing makes every bite the best one ever!

Eating Better with Super Mac Bros

There is no one way to ensure that you are eating better; different lifestyles require different choices, and we hope that this guide helped show you options that will work! Just as the old saying about all work and no play is true, we all know from past experience that throwing out all the food you love best will never work in the long run. Sunlight causes wrinkles, wine can be bad for your liver, and rich foods can be fattening, but when you practice moderation with all things, you can live a long and rich life! Choose Super Mac Bros for your Wednesday midday break, your Friday cheat day, or any other day of the week and discover that yes, you can eat what you love and still stay on track with your resolution to eat better. Follow our food trucks today and find your joy—see you soon!


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