Warm Meals for Wintertime

As the snow blankets the ground outside your Tempe townhouse and the wind chill drops all the way to “When did we move to Chicago?” staying warm and cozy is our biggest desire and when you dig into a bowl of the ultimate comfort food, a mac and cheese bowl from Super Mac Bros, staying warm is exactly what you do! Oh, who are we kidding? We live in the desert and get excited when the temperatures drop below 80 and the rare rainy days make us giddy with glee, but doesn’t a heaping bowl of Rosalinda Southwest Mac make your soul crave a winter night like we described above? Winter doesn’t have to be a certain temperature, and it doesn’t need to have snow and ice; winter can be a state of mind that craves cozy, but if you feel like turning down the AC and flipping on your gas fireplace while enjoying one of our Super Mac Bros amazing Arizona mac and cheese dishes, your wish is our command!

The Stories Our Meals Tell

Macaroni and cheese is the ultimate comfort food, and as with all comfort foods, the stories each dish has to tell promises to warm you from the inside out! One day you will remember how you and your spouse-to-be shared a Truffle Toad under a December sky, too shy to say you loved each other yet, but feeling emboldened by the occasional touch of hands, that first kiss changed the course of your relationship. That time when the January birthday party at the park was rained out and your son invited his entire baseball team back to your house instead. You weren’t ready for an impromptu get-together, but you ran to the Super Mac Bros mac and cheese food truck and ordered a dozen Big Bowsers that were perfect for feeding a hungry crew! Or maybe the story will be about the time your daughter realized that the cow she always mooed at while riding to preschool every morning was the source of the burgers she loved and she cried so hard the family went vegetarian for a month! That’s when you discovered that the flavors of our Daisy Mac will make you forget all about the lack of meet and you spent a long time following our food trucks until little Suzy decided that life without hamburgers was not one she was willing to live. These stories will warm your souls as you retell them over the years, proving that our winter meals can warm you in so many ways and our mission in life is to continue providing the food that warms your insides and plays such a big part in the stories of your life!

What Is Your Favorite Way to Keep Warm?

While it is true that our winters don’t compare in ferocity to the ones people in Wisconsin or Montana might experience, it doesn’t mean that we thin skinned Arizonans won’t still get cold, and when the nights are really cold, what is your favorite way to keep warm? Do you start a fire in the fireplace, (gas fireplaces only on no burn days, of course!) huddle under a blanket and watch your favorite movie on television? Put a little spice into your night with out Fire Mario, made with spicy tomato sauce, penne pasta, and parmesan cheese! Follow it up with mini cannoli stuffed with chocolate chips and you may feel like you will never get cold again! Some of our guests turn up the heat and slip into their footie pajamas or their favorite Snuggie and play games with the family as the temperatures drop. Monopoly is coming back in fashion, as is Scrabble and Candyland, and our Super Mac Bros Truffle Toad will warm the cockles of your heart as you trounce your toddler in the Peppermint Forest! Made with alfredo truffle cream sauce, roasted garlic mushrooms, parsley, and elbow pasta, winter nights and winter days will be all that much happier because you shared this delicious dish with your best girl.

Sip and Savor

Once the sun sets behind the mountains that surround our valley home, the mercury has been known to fall pretty hard, and if a fire and our mac and cheese bowls can’t stand up to the job of keeping you warm, maybe a glass of your favorite red wine will finish off the job! Lambrusco pairs amazingly well with any of bowls and promises to add a special shine to your night.

Warm, Cozy, and Delicious Arizona Mac and Cheese

Winter is the season we look forward to every year, and our Super Mac Bros meals make the coldest of nights feel warm and cozy. Follow our food trucks today and find the perfect bowl to accompany the chill in the air!


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