Go On a Springtime Picnic With Super Mac Bros

The beauty of a spring day in the Phoenix area can only be greatened with a picnic enjoyed in one of our many scenic spots and a cooler filled with your favorite foods. For years we have been trained, however, that picnic food can only be cheeseboards, sandwiches, or fried chicken, and we at Super Mac Bros say why limit yourself? If your favorite comfort food brightens your day, can you imagine how much brighter it would be if you participated in an outdoor feast with all your favorite comfort foods? The Arizona Mac and Cheese dishes we offer on our food trucks are designed to be eaten wherever you want, so this spring, why not take a picnic that includes your favorite Super Mac Bros dishes in your picnic basket or cooler?

Arizona Mac and Cheese Best Served Warm

It is true that mac and cheese is a dish best enjoyed warm and as a picnic food you may have difficulty heating up your Fire Mario without a microwave to plug it in to, but that’s ok. Our food trucks travel all over the valley, so make your first stop with us and find a spot to picnic that is nearby! That bench in the courtyard of your Phoenix office, you know the one sitting under the mesquite tree, is a perfect spot to enjoy the creamy goodness of our Daisy Mac as the sun shines brightly (but not too brightly!) down on your shoulders and you trick your mind into believing that the hum of background traffic is really the sounds of the ocean! (You can’t live in the desert for more than a few minutes before teaching yourself some new coping mechanisms!) When the kids are at school and the house is quiet, a bowl of our Truffle Toad will taste so much better when seated at the Gazebo overlooking your pool and we can promise that this small solo picnic will give you the strength to deal with homework drama and the what’s for dinner conundrum that will take place later in the day! The portability of our mac and cheese comfort meals also allows diners to store them in a thermal pack which is then stored in a backpack placed (of course!) on your back, to be enjoyed after a hike through the Superstitions!


Mac and Cheese Food Truck Menu

Other Meals to Enjoy Al Fresco

Our menu does offer some other solutions to enjoy at your impromptu picnic in the park (or wherever you choose to have your al fresco meal) so let’s take a minute and peruse the lower half of the menu! We are all trying to lose the extra pounds we gained during the early days of the pandemic, and everyone knows the best way to do so is by eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, including our delicious Waluigi Salad! Made with crisp salad greens, juicy cherry tomatoes, English cucumber that crunches satisfyingly in your mouth, spicy pickled red onions, all mixed together and topped with our house made balsamic dressing. This portable and healthy dish can be enjoyed at the top of South Mountain as you seek shelter under the shelter of Dobbins Lookout. Offering a wide arched glassless window that looks out over the entirety of the Valley of the Sun, we can promise that your salad will never again taste this wonderful, especially when washed down with a cold and refreshing jar of our house made mason jar lemonade! Charcuterie boards are popular picnic choices in the spring and although we don’t offer breads and cheeses, our pretzel bites dipped in a sauce of whole grain mustard is a pleasant addition to any picnic buffet! Add in an order of elote, sweet street corn seasoned with smoked paprika and slathered in lime cilantro aioli before roasting, followed up by a sprinkling of cotija cheese, and dear guests and friends you will have a picnic you will never forget! Dessert is important no matter what you are eating or where you are eating it and our mini cannolis will sweeten the disposition of the crankiest of diners! Of course, it is hard to be cranky when you are enjoying a meal filled with Super Mac Bros menu items under the clear blue skies of another beautiful day in paradise, but the taste of chocolate chip mascarpone cream tucked inside the sweet and crunchy shells of our mini cannoli is one taste that will soon become your newest obsession!

Super Mac Bros is Everywhere you Want them to Be.

Stop by our food truck today and discover all the ways our delicious meals can be incorporated into your daily picnic routine! Life’s too short to spend too much time inside and our food trucks are everywhere you want them to be!

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