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When mealtime rolls around again (as it does every day of your life!) do you venture out of your comfort zone and try different meals, wanting to tantalize your taste buds with surprises that will make them stand up and take notice? Or do you, like most of the world, find yourself sticking with the same standard meals in a rotation that is tasty but hardly inventive? If you fall into the latter category, we at Super Mac Bros have a way to enjoy variety while still maintaining your joy in eating as you sample new menu items that slightly resemble some of your most favorite standards. We are, of course, talking about menu of mac and cheeses where every dish is designed to make you feel like you are coming home to enjoy the comforts of your grandma’s kitchen, while still providing a spark of surprise at how the flavors explode in your mouth. This guide to some of our Super Mac Bros menu items you may not have tried before will allow you to step out of your comfort zones, without losing that comfort you crave via our Arizona mac and cheese dishes!

Fire Mario

Just because it is first on our menu doesn’t mean it is the first choice in guests hearts! Fire Mario is one of those dishes that people with shyer palates tend to avoid, specifically because of the heat! Not everyone loves a good spice in their meals, but we think you shouldn’t let that stop you! Created from a spicy tomato sauce that still manages to cool, perhaps due to the combination of ingredients that include penne pasta and parmesan cheese!

Mac and Cheese Food Truck Menu


Not every item on Super Mac Bros menu has to consist of macaroni and cheese. We do enjoy providing little surprises that comfort the diner as they fuel up their empty tanks, including the classic South of the Border comfort food, elote. Anyone who has spent more than a few minutes in the Southwest have enjoyed its flavors, and because of who we are, we have brought this traditional dish to a new level of wonderful! Created with street corn that is sweet and crunchy, the lime cilantro aioli, smoked paprika, and cotija cheese add an element of wow, ensuring your first bite will not be your last!

Big Bowser

For the heartier appetites, our Big Bowser offers something that makes the mouth happy as it fills the empty spaces in your stomach! Proving that not all mac and cheeses are created equal, some have a much larger presence than others, the Big Bowser is a dream come true for carnivores. Made with chipotle cream for a hint of spice, roasted corn and bell peppers for a taste of summer and to make your mama happy that you are eating your veggies, the cheddar cheese is creamy and the applewood bacon tastes even better when paired with chicken or steak for just 3 or 4 dollars more respectively!

Mac and Cheese Food Truck Catering Services

Pretzel Bites to Go With Your Arizona Mac and Cheese

Sometimes you just need a little spice and tang in your life and when one of those moments hits while waiting in line in front of our Super Mario Bros food truck, the answer will always be our pretzel bites! Found on our small bites menu, right above the elote, this tiny bites of pretzel that you will dip into the whole grain mustard provided may make you thirsty, so don’t forget to order our house-made mason jar lemonade to quench your thirst!

Daisy Mac

Here’s the thing about most food trucks. Unless you are standing in front of a Salads R Us truck, vegetarians very often are left with nothing they can order. Our Super Mario Bros food truck, however, appeals to all demographics of diners and our Daisy Mac is our delicious solution to your vegetable needs! Made with grilled tofu for a little extra heartiness (vegetarians can be heart eaters too!) grilled sweet corn, bell peppers, and a cheddar cheese sauce, combined with elbow pasta makes a meal your stomach will never forget! If you want a little extra, order our Waluigi salad for a little extra colorful goodness in your life!

Mini Cannolis

No matter what the dieticians say, dessert matters and our mini cannolis are destined to be your favorite part of the meal! Made with the most heavenly chocolate chip mascarpone cream filling, it’s crunchy shell and smooth cream is maybe the most addictive of all our menu items. And that’s ok! Life’s short, eat that dessert and make your soul happy!

Truffle Toad and Rosalina Southwest Mac

Ok, you got us! EVERY item on our menu deserves a second look and that includes our Truffle Toad, made with truffle cream sauce and roasted garlic mushrooms, and of course, our Rosalina Southwest Mac created with chorizo, chipotle cream, and a variety of other delicious ingredients! Stop by one of our food trucks today and discover which Super Mac Bros dish makes you happiest!

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