Kick Off The Summer With A Meal From Super Mac Bros!

So we have barely stepped inside the boundaries of spring and have already had our first 96 degree temps, just a sign that the summer solstice is destined to be longer, brighter, and hotter than normal. We still have a few weeks (hopefully!) until the real heat hits, however, and now is the time to start preparing. Get your air conditioners checked (there’s nothing more depressing than having it go on the fritz when we hit triple digits) put your long pants and long sleeved shirts in the back of the closet and start using your oven for storage again! There is no way you want to add to the heat (and your electric bills!) by turning on that money sucker in the summer and if it means you have to make more trips to the Super Mac Bros food truck, is that such a bad thing? This guide to kicking off your summer in all the delicious ways that matter most will ensure that your spirits will remain as high as the temperatures and your core temps will stay chill!

Comfort Foods When you Need them Most

In most parts of the world it is the winter months that bring about a solid case of the blues, but in Arizona, when the sun seems to stay up for 36 hours a day and the heat rises from the ground just as intense as it radiates from that sun, we desert dwellers may find ourselves feeling SAD. (Seasonal Affectation Disorder!) The best way to cure the blues, however, is with a heaping helping of comfort found in our delicious Arizona mac and cheese dishes! Some, of course, are heavier than others, but many of our meals are absolutely perfect for summer. The Daisy Mac, comes to mind first, offering summer veggies of corn and peppers, tofu, and creamy cheddar cheese sauce that will make your soul happy. This light dish isn’t just for vegetarians and if there isn’t enough protein in the tofu and cheese sauce, go ahead and live life on the wild side, and add a portion of chicken to the bowl! (We won’t tell anyone that you violated the vegetarian rules!) Everyone knows that heat combats heat, so when the temperatures scorch the earth, a serving of our Fire Mario will keep your spirits mellow and cool on the hottest days of the year. Made with spicy tomato cream sauce, parmesan cheese, penne pasta, this is another dish that can only be made better with the addition of chicken or even steak! On the hottest days of the year, even the most determined of souls may decide that nope, they just can’t handle any more heat and they, as will you, find solace in our crisp, delicious, and totally cool Waluigi Salad. The crunchy greens, juicy tomatoes, English cucumber, pickled red onions, and house balsamic dressing all add up to the most summery meal of all and as you devour this healthy option, you reap the added benefit of staying svelte and trim for the pool party you have planned over Memorial Day weekend! Go ahead and buy a new bikini, you are worth it!

Speaking of Pool Parties

Just as our Super Mac Bros meals can kick off your summer dining adventures, Memorial Day weekend is often considered the official kick off to summer in general and your pool party can be made sweeter with our catering services, or just by adding some of our appetizers to your menu! Everything on our menu can be catered, but for those pool parties where you just want burgers or hot dogs or even a thick and juicy steak, all charred beautifully on your barbecue (again keeping that kitchen cool and the electric bills down) our appetizers can enhance your summer shindig! Try the Mexican classic, elote, and enjoy the taste of summer in the southwest with every bite. Made with the sweetest street corn, lime cilantro aioli, smoked paprika, and cotija cheese, the flavors on this traditional treat will create a melody of wonderful in your mouth and if you have never tried elote before, summer is the best time to do so! (Just be sure to buy extra as everyone will want more than their share!) Our pretzel bites are anything but basic offering a bite everyone will love with the whole grain mustard in which each golden bite can be dipped into and enjoyed! And because it is summer and it is hot, our house made mason jar lemonades are a time honored taste of the season that just makes everything feel right in your world! Don’t forget the mini cannolis, featuring a crunchy outer shell and a sweet and creamy inner filling dotted with chocolate chips; keep them refrigerated until right before serving and sweeten up the cooling process!

All Roads Lead to Super Mac Bros and Arizona Mac and Cheese Dishes in the Summer!

Stop by our food trucks today and kick off your seasonal activities the delicious way!


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