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Once upon a time, not so long ago, we at Super Mac Bros were just starting out. Having nothing more than a food truck, an idea, and a handful of recipes, we knew the road ahead wasn’t going to be an easy one, but we believed in our product and we soldiered on. We learned the ins and outs of the business, we perfected our recipes, and along the way, we learned what advertising processes worked best for us and which ones didn’t work at all. In the very beginning days, our process involved a lot of word of mouth, festivals, and even aimless driving as we hoped the information on our truck would capture the attention of others on the road and that eventually, they would find their way to our window. And because of our early experiences, we came to the realization that even as our mac and cheese dishes are becoming renowned across the valley, there is still so much we can do to help others who may be just starting out with an idea, a dream, and hope. The blank spaces of our trucks could be used for food truck advertising in Arizona for other businesses, hopefully fanning the fires of their own success, and just as others helped us become who we are today, we can help others! Our country (and the world!) has gone through some really tough times lately and as America was built on the backs of small businesses, we can do our part in helping those small businesses succeed.

Arizona Food Trucks Are Better than a Stationary Billboard

The billboard has been a part of the American landscape since the 1830s, originally serving as advertising for early circuses, and today, over 200 years later is still a strong part of the advertising world. But the billboard that stands in one place is only as successful as the number of people who see it as they drive back and forth from home to jobs, schools, and social activities. Rush hour drivers often become blind to the products that are being hawked, more engaged in the songs on their radios, the voices at the other end of their hands-free connections, or the podcasts they are playing on their satellite radios. Our food trucks actually bring your product to the masses and as we travel around the valley, become a bright spot that interrupts a stressful commute.

The Ideal Demographic

Happy people buy more and no one is happier than the guests that frequent our food trucks! Macaroni and cheese are the ultimate in comfort foods, transporting diners to simpler times in their lives and as they are waiting in line for their chance to taste them, your message will capture their interest. Supply the food truck with props including samples of your products adding to the happiness of our guests; everyone enjoys a little something extra with their purchases and this could be the perfect way to engage the public and allow them to see the wonders in your product! When you think about it, food is the universal language bringing people together and as they eat, talk, and laugh if it is your product that they are talking about, you have created the buzz that will lead to the success of what you have to sell!

The Future is Here

Take your advertising on our food trucks a step further by including a hashtag phrase, one that will have happy diners posing with your product and sending the pics out onto the worldwide web! The history of advertising will always be with us in the form of billboards, newspapers, and magazines, but the future will spread your message further! There is no limit to who can see what you are selling and as the simple hashtag brings more people to your site, the possibilities are equally limitless! The world will be your oyster, simply because you thought outside the box with a wrap on one of our Super Mac Bros food trucks and a hashtagged phrase that is memorable!

From Festivals to Sporting Events, Food Truck Advertising in Arizona Has it All

The Arizona food trucks we drive everywhere make it all over the valley, from food truck festivals to sporting events to private catered parties, so why wouldn’t you consider spreading your message this way? We’ve spread messages on the importance of voting with Pizza to the Polls, we have introduced the public to new beverages and we have promoted the vegan message to fans of the Phoenix Suns, showing up at home games in a food truck that promotes the very same Beyond Meat we serve through Aioli Gourmet Burgers! And when you choose to use our food trucks for your advertising purposes, you put your advertising dollars where they will count the most! Give us a call today and let’s start working together to get your product out before the people!


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