Super Mac Bros is the Perfect Stop if You’re on a Road Trip and Passing Through Phoenix

Vacations are one of life’s greatest pleasures, but if you really want to take your joy to the next level, a road trip will give you an adventure you will never forget. A lightly planned out itinerary, a car with great air conditioning, and a cooler full of snacks and beverages are a few of the tools you will need to enjoy this trip of a lifetime as you turn the satellite radio to the music of your favorite decade, the possibilities spread out before you in an endless array of miles waiting to be conquered! This road trip will bring you to many places, but perhaps the best adventures of all will be waiting for you when you pass through our mountain city and you enjoy your first taste of our Super Mac Bros menu filled with all the comfort foods of home! This guide to our flavors will show you how Phoenix will be the perfect stop on your road trip to wherever!

A Taste of Home With Our Arizona Mac and Cheese

If memories were comprised of meals we had loved as a child, your highlight reel would be filled with macaroni and cheese moments! The blue box you learned how to cook with, the home-baked rich and gooey dishes made by your grandmother, even the fancy restaurant lobster mac and cheeses that introduced you to the charms of haute cuisine, the simple noodle and cheese dish offers a taste of home, especially enjoyed when you begin to feel just a little bit homesick! Super Mac Bros takes that simple dish to new heights of yum and when you first spot our name on the side of our truck, you will know that even as your journey has many more miles to go, you will have reached the most delicious destination of all! Step out of your car and shake all the tightness from your muscles as you take your place in line letting the first scents of baking cheese entice your taste buds into giving out a large cheer of anticipation! With each step forward, the miles you have driven, and the miles you still have ahead of you will all be forgotten as your brain, your heart, and your soul can only think about mac and cheese and when it is time to order, you will have reached your own personal nirvana!

That First Taste

You may never have experienced a Super Mac Bros meal before but you can already taste it with just a sniff of the air. Your choices of Arizona mac and cheese are plentiful, however, and can be difficult to narrow down to just one, but the words on the menu will help you find the one meant to be in your belly! Keep it simple with an order of our Yoshi Cheesy Mac, the one dish that most closely resembles the bowls of your youth, or match the Phoenix summer heat with the Fire Mario Spicy Mac and Cheese that may just change the way you eat your favorite meal forever! Made with penne pasta and a spicy tomato cheese sauce (no powdered cheese here!) hungry diners can add chicken or steak for a few more dollars! Over the last however miles you have been traveling, chances are you have eaten fast food burgers more times than you care to remember so if you feel exceptionally hungry during this break in your adventures, the Big Bowser promises to easily fill all the empty spaces in your stomach! Made with the traditional elbow pasta and real cheddar cheese, the chipotle cream, roasted corn, bell peppers, and applewood smoked bacon is built for the biggest of appetites! Craving something creamy and elegant? Our Truffle Toad mac and cheese uses fresh and local ingredients, including garlic roasted mushrooms, and its alfredo truffle cream sauce promise to bring you to new heights of ecstasy with every spoonful. And even though technically mac and cheese is a vegetarian meal, we also carry a delicious dish we like to call Daisy Mac, something our vegetarians will greatly appreciate! We know that veggie eaters are hearty eaters as well, you don’t have to be a carnivore to need a hearty meal, and Daisy Mac aims to please. Created from elbow pasta, cheddar cheese sauce, grilled tofu, sweet corn, and roasted bell peppers this colorful dish covers the spectrum of deliciousness and if you find yourself unable to finish the bowl, we will definitely feel as if we have done our jobs right!

The Urge to Travel Meets the Need for Food

Exploring new frontiers is something we all love to do and when your summer travels have you passing through the Valley of the Sun, you too can enjoy a taste of home with a visit to one of our Super Mac Bros food trucks! Stop by anytime!


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