Welcome the Arizona Fall Season with a Meal at Super Mac Bros

Life in Arizona isn’t for the weak, especially during the summer when monsoon storms vie for attention over haboobs, flash floods become a thing, and of course, the heat seems never to lessen. During these times of trouble we cocoon ourselves inside our air-conditioned houses, we discover just how cooling a dip in the pool can be at night, and we keep our eyes on the prize; those days when the season changes and the days grow longer! Of course, we know that fall can still be hot in the early days, but as the monsoon mugginess leaves and the temperatures drop back into the lower end of the 100s, we are all excited and start looking for ways to get outside and enjoy! We all have our traditions, the first sip of a pumpkin spice latte, a “flight” through the trees in Flagstaff, and our personal favorite, welcoming the Arizona fall season with the ultimate in comfort foods, our Super Mac Bros menu of mac and cheese dishes!

The Taste of Cool

No, we aren’t saying our mac and cheese dishes are cool because seriously, who wants cool mac and cheese? This is a dish that is best enjoyed when it is hot and bubbly, the cheese adding a creamy exclamation point to the day and because of this, it is best enjoyed on the cooler days of the year. Sitting in the courtyard of your office building, feeling the sun warm your air-conditioned chilled fingers, and noticing the beginnings of the changing of the leaves as you dip your spoon into the golden goodness of a bowl of Yoshi Cheesy Mac the smile on your face will add sunny cheer to the day. Perhaps you are feeling a little chilled when the temps finally fall from the triple digits and although a jacket could help warm you, there is no better way to feel warm from the inside out than with a bowl of our spicy Fire Mario! Made from a spicy cream sauce, elbow macaroni, and parmesan cheese, this lovely dish may just change the way you look at macaroni and cheese forevermore, no matter what season you are enjoying your meal during!

A Rainy Day and Truffle Toad Deserve Each Other

We desert dwellers are considered weird by the rest of the world as we head outside when the rains start to fall, except for monsoon season, of course, when gale force winds, flying tree limbs, and jagged bolts of lightning make being outside a little more dangerous! But when the rare autumn storm rolls into the valley accompanied by the scent of petrichor (that amazing smell of rain on concrete or earth!) we can’t stop ourselves from heading to our covered porches, finding a seat, and watching the treasured rainfall from the skies. And when you want to take your fall rain experience to the next level of wonder, a bowl of our Truffle Toad mac and cheese is all you need! The roof or awning under which you are sitting keeps the meal dry and as you savor every bite the peaceful scenery combined with the mac and cheese you are devouring will create a nirvana perfection you will wish would never end. Alfredo truffle cream sauce, roasted garlic mushrooms, and elbow pasta and a rainy day; does life get any better than this? We at Super Mac Bros certainly don’t think so!

Feeling Especially Hungry on this Beautiful Fall Day?

When a hearty appetite collides with a bowl of macaroni and cheese, it is quite possible that the bowl will not be able to conquer that appetite, but Super Mac Bros has considered this when putting together its menu. Simply add your choice of chicken or steak (2$ and 3$ more respectively) and let our Rosalina Southwest Mac be the victor! The base flavors of this spicy home dish, chorizo, chipotle cream, black beans, roasted sweet corn, cilantro, and salsa verde are already a meal fit for a king, but add in some steak or chicken, and don’t be surprised if you have leftovers! Although Rosalina Southwest Mac is designed for any time of the year, unofficial studies show it is especially enjoyed during the Arizona fall season, so why not try it yourself and see if you agree!

Let Super Mac Bros Welcome You

We know that not everyone has enjoyed the flavors found on our Super Mac Bros food trucks and if this is your first time sampling, we would love to welcome you to the mac and cheese family! Follow our food trucks and discover how much tastier a fall day can be when you welcome it with a big bowl of macaroni and cheese; we are everywhere you want us to be!


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