While the Temperatures are Cooling, Enjoy Super Mac Bros as a AZ Fall Picnic Meal!

Did you happen to notice that when you took little Lulu out for her morning walk you didn’t have to wear your hair up in a ponytail to combat the heat? You even left the door open for a few minutes during that last monsoon storm a couple of nights ago, enjoying the refreshing and much-needed rain as almost cool breezes ensured that your air conditioner didn’t go off for at least a couple of minutes. And if you are like the rest of us desert dwellers, you have been sitting at your laptop, scrolling through pumpkin-colored sweaters, olive green dresses, and even purple corduroys, despite knowing that it will still be a couple of months before you can wear this autumn-hued attire! AZ Fall is here in Phoenix and even if there are still a couple of months before the trees will start to dress in their own autumn hues, the cooler temperatures may be inspiring you to enjoy a picnic in the park that is closest to your home, perhaps a picnic filled with the dishes we offer at Super Mac Bros instead of boring sandwiches!

Below 100 Degrees

When the mercury drops below 100 degrees, we crazy desert dwellers find ourselves digging out the sweaters from their resting place in storage bins under the beds and actually going outside at NOON for a walk with our pets, so of course, a picnic in the park with our favorite comfort food is just one more way in which we show our joy at the falling temps! The parks that dot the landscape of the valley all offer something different designed to delight and we would like to take a few minutes of your time and discuss which bowls we think will work best at each park! Ok, obviously these are just going to be suggestions as every mac and cheese dish we offer will taste great no matter where you eat them, but it is still a fun idea!

Truffle Toad in Papago Park

Picture this. The thermometer reads 82 degrees and the sky is a little gray, flirting with rain, but you don’t mind because rain in the desert is a wonderful thing and you have planned a picnic in Papago Park followed by an afternoon of walking the trails at the Phoenix Zoo! Our Truffle Toad mac and cheese is obviously an ode to the animals that you will be seeing later and as the first sprinkles dampen the red rock outcroppings that surround you, your first taste of its creamy goodness puts you in a spectacular mood!

Early Release and Rosalina Southwest Mac in Chapparal Park

The beauty of AZ Fall is best enjoyed on Early Release days in the Scottsdale School District and for our Scottsdale followers, nothing represents the season better than our Rosalina Southwest Mac, devoured in Chapparal Park! Let your youngest kiddos scramble all over the playground equipment as you savor each spoonful of spicy goodness, recognizing the blending of flavors as one of life’s greatest gifts! Watch the ducks swim, park visitors play volleyball on sand courts, and know that this moment, this bite out of time is one you will remember forever!

Yoshi Cheesy Mac and Encanto Park

Even if you don’t have children to share the day with, the simple pleasures of Yoshi Cheesy Mac are enjoyed on the sprawling grounds of Encanto Park. If you do have children, however, there is no need to share this amazing dish, just buy them their own bowls and take the leftovers back to the house when they become too busy playing and less interested in eating!

What Park Goes Best with Fire Mario?

Our Fire Mario bowl is perhaps the most authentic of fall foods, providing a spicy kick that warms up chilly bodies on the coolest days of the season after giving it a lot of thought, we have come to realize that EVERY park is the best park to enjoy Fire Mario in! Ride the train in Freestone Park in Gilbert, following that up with a bowl of spicy goodness, or ride the train in McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park in Scottsdale, enjoying a bowl BEFORE the ride! The pavilions of Pioneer Park in Mesa offer a shaded place to devour your mac and cheese on the warmer days in AZ Fall and in Tempe, the Meditation Gardens of Hudson Park will give you a spot to eat in peace and quiet while your rowdy teen practices his or her skateboard skills at the skateboard section of the park!

Don’t Waste a Minute

We all know that the cooler weather will end sooner than later, so don’t waste a minute of these beautiful days! Grab your favorite Super Mac Bros dish and head to any of our local parks for the best time of your life! Contact us today!


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