Stop by Super Mac Bros During Your Black Friday Shopping!

It never ceases to amaze us how quickly the year passes the older we get. One day it is New Year’s, and the blank pages of the next 12 months are spread out before you just waiting to be filled, and the next day you are gathered around the dinner table giving thanks for the year that has almost ended—or so it seems! So yes, dear guests, it is Thanksgiving once again, and we hope that you consider Super Mac Bros one of the many things for which you are thankful! We have fed you when you were too tired or too busy to feed yourself, we have shown your picky eaters that the unusual can be tasty too, and we have provided respite on those long days when you think you can’t handle another piece of bad news. Why, just last month you chose to join us for dinner before heading out on the streets of Phoenix with your costumed goblins and princesses, and wasn’t that a great way to start out your night? Your Thanksgiving traditions are ones that center around homemade foods and the family you love so dearly, so we understand that Super Mac Bros may not be your first choice for dinner on that day, but AZ Black Friday offers the perfect opportunity to come visit us again, offering a break for your tired feet and a treat for your hungry stomach!

The Tastes That Will Thrill

It may be a little hard to concentrate on finding the perfect gift for your recently divorced BFF, because in the back of your mind you are thinking about the creamy deliciousness of our Super Mac Bros meals, but that’s ok. We are confident that you will soldier through, using our food truck as the carrot on the end of the stick! Perhaps you will tell yourself that you must buy something for your father-in-law, your cousin in Ohio, and your children’s teachers before you can sit down with a bowl of Truffle Toad! We are glad to have a hand in helping you muddle through the chores, happy to provide sustenance and a soft place to land for at least a few minutes in the middle of the day

Sometimes it is difficult to find that perfect gift for your Aunt Marge, a woman who has the means to buy herself whatever she wants when she wants, and you may be frustrated after walking in and out of a million stores, searching for the unicorn in a sea of hippos! What you may not know, however, is that the tomatoes found in our Fire Mario macaroni and cheese do more than add flavor; they are considered one of the top 25 brain foods. So grab yourself a bowl, take a load off your feet, and see how quickly their magic works; we can almost bet that after you have filled your stomach and revived your soul, you will find the unicorn gift that you were beginning to think never existed! Will it be because you just devoured some of nature’s finest smart foods or will it be because you just got lucky? Obviously, we think the former is the correct answer, and we hope that you think it too!

Either way, taking a break from exercising both your legs and your credit card has never been this pleasant, especially as you get the opportunity to enjoy another fantastic day in Phoenix! The sun will be shining, the temperatures will NOT be scorching, and the gentle breezes will bear the aroma of our Super Mac Bros dishes, ensuring that if you weren’t hungry before you arrived, your stomach will start growling and your mouth will start watering within seconds of your arrival! Every bite will be your favorite, and if you linger for a few minutes longer than you normally would no one will judge you; the stores stay open late these last few weeks of the year, and you have all the time in the world to eat, relax, and enjoy before you head back to your search for the perfect gift.

You May Be Tempted

You are busy, especially at this time of the year, and you may be tempted to try and skip lunch and forge onward with your shopping, but Super Mac Bros is here to tell you that would be the wrong answer to your shopping woes! Hunger strikes, and your hands begin to shake, your head begins to ache, and absolutely nothing will look right. So, take a break, order your favorite mac and cheese dish, knowing you have walked enough on this Black Friday that you can afford the calories and discover the recuperative powers of America’s most delicious comfort foods! November 25th may be a day filled with frustrations, but the few minutes you spend with us will help you deal with the frustrations gracefully, so don’t forget to stop by Super Mac Bros during your AZ Black Friday shopping expedition. Contact us today! See you then!


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