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2022 sure went by in a blur, filled with good days, bad days, and all kinds of unique moments in between, bringing us to where we are today. The new year has begun, our resolutions have been made, and the positive attitudes we are bringing into 2023 extend to the events that we love to celebrate every year. From the big holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s (whew, weren’t those some busy times?) to the smaller ones that often bring long weekends, Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day, we often measure the year by the events that are upcoming! These holidays and the special, private events in our lives, set the stage for a year filled with excitement and a plethora of celebrations that if you stopped to think about them too hard, would exhaust us! 2023 is going to be different, you have vowed and the resolutions you have made are variations of the promise to be kinder to yourself. Working smarter, not harder, especially when it is time to celebrate, is something you are trying to achieve, and you have made the first and most important step of considering hiring Super Mac Bros to cater to all (or most!) of your Arizona 2023 events!

When You Think About It

The preparation for a big celebration is often the worst part. Planning the menu, shopping for all the ingredients, making sure your house is company ready, and finally, preparing the meal; we get tired just thinking about it! While we can’t help you with the cleaning up part, we can eliminate the menu planning, shopping, and cooking, which is about 75 percent of the work involved! Your guests will fall in love with a menu filled with a variety of macaroni and cheese dishes and you will be the hero of the moment; the hostess with the mostest who realized that at the heart of it all, a good bowl of comfort food is the secret to the best celebrations of all! And because we have taken away the lion’s share of your work, you can spend the minutes, hours, and days leading up to your big event concentrating on the more important things in life. Take your time to plan out a theme during an event where the theme isn’t already a sure thing, take a shopping expedition but only to your favorite stores to seek out the perfect outfit, and in the early hours of the day of the party, once the house is clean, you can take a nap, recharging your batteries for a night filled with fun! A calm and relaxed hostess is a happy and fun-loving hostess and when your guests arrive, the good times will last long into the night, simply because you chose Super Mac Bros to cater your Arizona 2023 events!

All the Ways

No two events are ever alike, even when celebrating the same holiday with the same people you invite every year and Super Mac Bros provides all the ways to cater for your different events, ways that will all impress! The Mac Daddy (see what we did there?) of all events deserves the Mac Daddy of catering, our Super Mac full-sized food trucks! Who won’t be impressed when they pull into your cul de sac or walk into your very UN-Arizona-like supersized backyard and see one of our colorful and exciting food trucks just waiting to serve them the bowls of your dreams? If your dream home doesn’t quite have the dream amount of space, all we need is a driveway large enough for our mobile catering food trailer, that offers its own walk-up window from which steaming bowls of macaroni and cheese can be delivered. Smaller, more intimate affairs, may benefit from our drop-off catering service offering all the paper products and heating elements to ensure the guests don’t have to eat with their fingers and the noodles don’t cool down before they get a chance to taste them! Finally, our traditional catering service involves buffets with chaffers and when you really want to impress, chef-attended action stations that show your friends and family you really know how to throw a party!

All the Deliciousness

Macaroni and cheese is the world’s most loved comfort food and if we only served the traditional dish, we think we still would have a successful business, but our dishes offer more than the classic taste. Truffle Toad Mac and cheese with a creamy truffle sauce and garlic roasted mushrooms, Fire Mario with a spicy tomato cream sauce, and the always popular Rosalina Southwest Mac, made with chorizo, black beans, and roasted sweet corn are just some of the ingredients you need for your recipe for a perfect party! Give us a call today!


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