What Sets Super Mac Bros Apart from Other Pasta in Phoenix

Carbs, including pastas, have gotten a bad rap lately, but no one knows more than we do just how much a good meal of pasta can change the way your day goes. When the phones are ringing off the hook, when cars are cutting you off in rush hour traffic, and when your kid’s school calls again to tell you that little Cruz just failed another math facts test, you may feel like running screaming into the desert, or you may just want to dive into a big bowl of rich and gooey pasta! Spaghetti from your favorite Italian restaurant, any kind of pasta in Phoenix offered by your favorite Cajun restaurant, or a big old bowl filled with macaroni and cheese, the comfort food of champions! The Phoenix metropolitan area offers plenty of options for the first two dishes we discussed, but when it comes to mac and cheese, you may think you have to stick to homemade, but we at Super Mac Bros want to take a few minutes out of your very bad day to explain why our mac and cheese can be the solution to making all your problems go away!

Can Super Mac Bros REALLY Chase Away Your Problems?

To be perfectly honest, no, we can’t really solve all your problems, but we CAN change the way you feel about your very bad day! Let’s face it, it is near impossible to stay in a bad mood when you are smelling, seeing, and tasting the world’s most perfect comfort food. Your kid’s bad grade can’t be changed, but you can plan to work harder with him, maybe bringing him by one of our Super Mac Bros food trucks to share a dish of Yoshi Cheesy Mac as you go over math facts with him. If there were any brick-and-mortar mac and cheese restaurants, you would have to wait to get in, wait to be seated, and keep your voices down because you wouldn’t want to disturb any other customers. In the great outdoors, a place we all love to be during the cooler months of the year, noise is expected, and no sidelong looks of disapproval will be earned as you chomp on macaroni and show little Joey the secret to learning his times nine tables! And yes, the phones may be still ringing when you get back to the office, and the drive back to the building may be filled with aggravations, but somehow, it just won’t matter when your stomach is full of macaroni and cheese! 

Where Else Can You Get a Selection of Mac and Cheeses?

Prior to the arrival of Super Mac Bros, the public was forced to make their own mac and cheese dishes or would have to settle with the single choice available at the few restaurants that offer mac and cheese on their adult menus. (Quite a few restaurants offer the blue box as a kid’s menu item, but why should your children be the only ones who get to enjoy the world’s most perfect meal?) Our Super Mac Bros food trucks are happy to fill every food craving, offering a variety of variations of the classic comfort dish and promising that everyone will walk away from our window feeling happy as they anticipate the first taste of the bowl they chose! Life can be boring and griege, but the flavors of our mac and cheeses are colorful and exciting! 

Add some heat to a chilly winter day with a big bowl of Fire Mario. Warming you from the inside with every bite, spicy tomato cream sauce takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary! Bring a touch of luxury to a rainy day with an order of our Truffle Toad, a dish that will make you giggle at the name while satisfying your bougie side that you generally hide away from the general public. Alfredo truffle cream sauce is always a good idea, as is the garlic roasted mushrooms that give this dish new depths! And when you want an authentic taste of the town we live and love in, our Rosalina Southwest Mac never fails to please. Rich, creamy, and filled with the traditional flavors of the southwest, every day will be the best day when your spoon is digging deep in the bowl. 

Standard restaurants serving pasta in Phoenix just don’t understand that customers want choices, even when it comes to their macaroni and cheese, but Super Mac Bros is anything but standard. Stop by and taste the difference today! 


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