Wedding Season is Here! Have Super Mac Bros Cater Your Big Day

Everyone’s idea of the perfect wedding differs. Some want a big fancy event with “the dress” that wows them and the cake that impresses while others dream of a casual affair, perhaps held in the backyard, with a simple dress, a simple cake, and a simple love that is true to each other. There is no wrong way to enjoy the wedding of your dreams but after the luster of the most important question in your life has begun to wear off and the realization of everything that is involved with the planning of the wedding begins to sink in, you may be starting to wonder if an elopement might not be the better option! Wedding season is here and as you build Pinterest pages filled with dresses, shoes, wedding favors, and more, spend your weekends exploring bridal expos and bridal dress shops, and maybe even start visiting thrift stores to create crafty centerpieces you found on other’s Pinterest pages, there is one aspect of Arizona wedding planning which we at Super Mac Bros can take off your hands! We are, of course, talking about the dining part of the biggest celebration of your life! With a little input from you and the most delicious tasting sessions you’ve ever experienced, you can cross another item off your Big Day To Do List (BDTDL) and move on to the myriad of other items that are demanding your attention!

It’s All About Comfort

There may have been others that you thought would be the one or there may have always just been this one and although there is a magic that you share, an attraction you can never ignore, it’s the way your other half makes you feel comfortable that more than likely sealed the deal for you! This is the person that thinks you look beautiful when you have no make-up on, the one you can sit and talk to for hours at a time, and who makes you feel safe when by your side. Your wedding may be splashy, it may be rustic, it may celebrate cottage core, but at the heart of it all, your wedding is destined to be an event in which everyone will feel your love for each other and the comfortable way you are together, so what better way to celebrate than a family dinner with all the comfort food that makes you happy?

Macaroni and cheese is the ultimate comfort dish and Super Mac Bros offers a couple of different ways in which you can enjoy your favorite food on the most beautiful of days! Pick the menu you love, we offer 3 different choices and include some small bites that will be devoured as well, and let us handle the rest! Our drop-off catering service is often the choice for happy couples seeking a more intimate experience, only wanting the ones they love to witness the exchanging of vows. We provide everything you need for a delicious feast, set it up, then leave you to your day of love! When you really want to impress the neighborhood, your friends, and your family, however, nothing impresses more than the first sight of our Super Mac Bros colorful food truck pulling up to your venue; except for the scents that will be wafting through the air once we begin preparing our meals!

The smell of Fire Mario, Rosalina Southwest Mac, and our elegant Truffle Toad mac and cheese will leave a lasting and delightful impression on all those who attend! Now, the cake you are going to be devouring after the I do’s is destined to be a stunning tribute to your love and to the theme of the event, but that doesn’t mean it has to be the only dessert! Everyone is obsessed with our crème filled churros and our mini cannolis. Obsession doesn’t even begin to explore the depths of feeling your guests will have for them when they adorn the meal table! After all the months you have spent dieting, exercising, and going without to ensure that the best you can fit into that gown or tux, you deserve little extra calories, and the mini cannolis on our catering menu will give them to you with style!

Our Promise to You

As you stand before your friends and family, exchanging promises and vows that will be the start of your sweet forever, Super Mac Bros may not be in the audience, and we may not even be in the same building, but the promise we make to you is this. Your Arizona wedding day will be one filled with love, beauty, and taste-fullness, simply because you chose us to cater the most perfect day of your life! Give us a call today at (602) 848-8823 and let’s get this party started!


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