Have Super Mac Bros Cater Your Event for Easter in Arizona!

Oh how we love the holidays but hate all the work that goes on behind the scenes! Even Easter, which is a relatively low-key holiday, generally offering no extra time off and very little in the gift giving process, still has its own high maintenance issues. You have to clean and decorate your house, boil and decorate eggs after which they must be hidden; you have to construct Easter baskets, purchase goodies, and while all of this is going on, you have to create the Easter feast! Our favorite guests, however, believe in working smarter, not harder, and have developed a few life hacks that make the celebration easier, starting with knowing where they can make delicious shortcuts, and of course, we are talking about adding Super Mac Bros to the Easter in Arizona celebration. Not as guests, of course, you hardly know us and we are certainly planning on spending this beautiful day with our own families, but you know that our services can help make easy work of your biggest chore, the preparation of the Easter feast!

Two Ways to Bring Comfort and Taste to Your Celebration

For some of our guests, this holiday is all about tradition. From taking the kids to the mall for pictures with the Easter Bunny to the breaking bread of all your favorite holiday meals, you just aren’t quite ready to hand over the reins to your kitchen, at least not all the way! But that’s ok, because you are willing to let someone give you a hand, and while your grandmother’s recipe for macaroni and cheese is a family favorite, it is also time consuming, uses up many different dishes and pots, and takes quite a bit of effort, leaving room for Super Mac Bros to come in and save you energy and effort! Macaroni and cheese is the ultimate in comfort food, making it the ideal addition to your table. Add in a delicious dose of drama with our Fire Mario and let the spice bring smiles to the faces of your family. Surprise the vegetarians in your family with Daisy Mac, which is chock full of veggies and leaves the protein to the cheddar sauce. Or help out your really hungry eaters with Rosalina Southwest Mac. All these dishes will make a great addition to your holiday staples, the ham, the deviled eggs, and of course, the chocolate Easter Bunny that goes with everything!

You work hard every day of your life, and even though the entire family is coming to your house, you don’t want to be locked in the kitchen, slaving over a hot stove, which is why having your Easter feast completely catered by Super Mac Bros is the option that brings stars to your eyes! Our catering menu is easy. You know your family best, and our three menu choices—A, B, or C—are designed to feed the hungriest and pickiest of eaters!

Menu A ensures that all diners feel welcomed, offering Fire Mario for heat, Big Bowser for the big eaters, Daisy Mac for the kindhearted family members who refuse to eat anything that has parents, and Sweet Luigi for the tiny eaters you love so much! This package doesn’t offer any extra protein additions, but that doesn’t mean you will go hungry!

Menu B allows you to add a choice of two added proteins, chicken or steak, and substitutes a touch of elegance with our Truffle Toad (in place of the Big Bowser) and a taste of the desert with our Rosalina Southwest Mac (in place of the Sweet Luigi).

Finally, Menu C, with its choice of three proteins— chicken, steak or shrimp—is destined to bring cheer to your holiday table! Offering the same menu options as Menu A, only with all the meats, your very hungry bunnies will fill up fast on comfort and flavor! And because you chose Super Mac Bros to cater your entire meal, you can be sitting out on your patio sharing chardonnay with your favorite Aunt Debbie, relaxing, chatting, and NOT sweating over the hardest task of all in meal prep, ensuring that every dish comes out at the same time!

The Last Holiday Before the Big Heat

Easter in Arizona is generally the last holiday before the big heat rolls into town, but that doesn’t mean you want to spend all your time in the kitchen! Easter is about faith, family, and food, and your holiday feast will still be one filled with your favorite traditions, even if you cater the entire meal. Laugh loudly, love hard, and relax more while we do the hard work; give Super Mac Bros a call today and start a new family tradition that celebrates you!


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