Add Super Mac Bros to Your Arizona Cinco De Mayo Celebration!

There is always something to celebrate when you are serving the world’s most classic comfort food, macaroni and cheese, and with Cinco de Mayo coming up, we see another opportunity for you to do just that! Cinco de Mayo, the 5th of May, is a holiday not unlike St. Patrick’s Day in which drinks, revelry, and boisterous fun rules the day, which of course means a lot of hungry celebrants will be ready to eat. And although our food is not typically thought of as a main dish for a fiesta, the innovative twists we add to this downhome comfort food will ensure that macaroni and cheese fits right in to the celebration you are enjoying. This guide to Super Mac Bros, an Arizona Cinco de Mayo, and all the deliciousness you can handle will help get you in the mood for the party that is about to unfold!

Build Up Your Stamina

The best way to survive a night of revelry is by starting out slow and well fed, so following our food trucks for lunch can help you begin the night the right way! Fill up on any of our yummy and gooey treats, knowing the protein and carbs will put you in a positive position when it is time to take that first shot of tequila, hopefully eliminating any painful tomorrows. The good news is that Cinco de Mayo falls on a Friday this year, so you won’t have to wake up and go to work with your sunglasses on, but you may have to worry about losing most of your Saturday to a headache and sleep! In any case, a bowl of Fire Mario with added steak will give you the boost your night of revelry needs.

Be Safe, Celebrate Hard, and Eat Well

Just like any other holiday celebration on the town, having to plan for a designated driver, or to budget ride share into your holiday spending can be a giant buzz kill, which is why you may have decided to celebrate at home this year with all of your favorite people. Throwing a big fiesta with drinks from Costco (their big bottle of tequila tastes great and makes the best margaritas!) and macaroni and cheese from Super Mac Bros can make you the star of the weekend, especially if you offer plenty of spaces for your guests to sleep, ensuring they don’t have to head out onto the roads either! Our catering menu is plentiful, well-priced, and our Rosalina Southwest Mac adds the perfect touch to your Mexican fiesta, accompanied by a cold cerveza, a glass of wine, or, of course, the aforementioned margarita.

There are multiple ways you can enjoy our macaroni and cheeses and multiple mac and cheeses to enjoy. If you have the space and want to make the biggest impact on your guests, having our full-sized food trucks parked in your cul de sac (or RV parking spot in your backyard) may make you a legend among your peers. There is just something impressive about seeing our colorful food trucks parked at your house, especially when there is a long line of friends and family all lined up waiting patiently for their first bite of the gooey stuff! If you don’t have the space for a food truck, however, chances are you have plenty of room for our food trailer, pulled to your driveway by a standard pick up truck and offering its own service window for your guests to gather around. A traditional party with chef attended action stations and a two-sided buffet may be what impresses your guests, and of course, Super Mac Bros offers that as well!

And if you just want to hang with the people you have known your entire life, relaxing with a few beers, a few tequila shots, and your favorite music, our drop off catering experience may be exactly what you need! Spend the early hours of your day cleaning your house and planning your wardrobe and at the appointed time we will ring your doorbell, lay out the food, and leave you to your night of revelry. Your friends will enjoy all the same tastes as they would with any of our other catering styles, but they will also enjoy a night dedicated to friendship and Cinco de Mayo even more!

Same Time Next Year?

If all goes as planned, (We know it will!) an Arizona Cinco de Mayo/Super Mac Bros celebration can be the start of a new tradition! You’ve been looking for something to call your own for a while now, and if it happens to include mariachi music, tequila, and all the Southwest Rosalina Mac you can eat, well, we are up to challenge. Give us a call today and let’s start planning the first annual Cinco de Mayo at your house!


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