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Big Bowser Mac and Cheese With Bacon

Big Bowser Mac and Cheese With Bacon

It does not matter which video game you pick out; you will always find the villain who is staged to get in the way of the hero. At Super Mac Bros, we celebrate our video game villains just as much as our heroes for unique and delicious mac and cheese dishes. Our selection of mac and cheese dishes include customer favorites such as our Big Bowser mac and cheese with bacon. If you know anything about Bowser from the Mario games, you know that when he shows up, it is a big deal, and that is exactly how we treat this popular dish. Take a look at what it comes with:

Fresh Mac and Cheese With Bacon Done Right

Most of our mac and cheese memories start from our childhood, grabbing that cardboard box from the local grocery store. We always loved mac and cheese for dinner, even with us now realizing the ingredients were anything but fresh. At Super Mac Bros, we take our mac and cheese game to the next level with our fresh dishes. Each mac and cheese dish features fresh pasta with each dish featuring a different kind of pasta. The toppings are just as fresh too and offer a variety of flavors in each bite. Make your mac and cheese dish even more tasty by adding on protein such as chicken or steak for an additional charge. Now we’re getting hungry!

The Big Man Himself

Bowser is a powerhouse in the video games and the same can be said for our mac and cheese dish named after him. This mac and cheese dish comes with elbow pasta that is then covered in chipotle cream, roasted corn, cheddar cheese, bell peppers, and Applewood smoked bacon. The combination of all the toppings provides an incredible flavor that will leave you full and satisfied when you are finished. This popular favorite of ours is perfect for those with big appetites like the big man himself, and makes it one of the best mac and cheese dishes nearby.

Super Mac Bros to the Rescue

There is no better way to enjoy your mac and cheese with bacon than with the pros at Super Mac Bros. Our tasty dishes, including the Big Bowser, will leave you satisfied and with a new outlook on mac and cheese. Enjoy this dish from the best mac and cheese found around Phoenix or grab it with our catering services that help special events. You too can be the new mac and cheese expert just like Bowser himself.