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Daisy Vegetarian Mac And Cheese

Daisy Vegetarian Mac And Cheese

While mac and cheese is a naturally vegetarian friendly dish, many upscale options include meat for added flavor. At Super Mac Bros we have hit the jackpot with our Daisy Vegetarian Mac and Cheese. This dish offers an explosion of flavors that will satisfy every taste bud. Take a look at what the Daisy Mac has to offer the next time you stop by Super Mac Bros:

Mac and Cheese Done Right

When it comes to mac and cheese, your first experience was probably as a kid when your parents made a box found at the grocery store. This mac and cheese option was always popular, and you probably have fond memories of the flavor. Looking back on it as an adult, you realize the pasta was never fresh and the “sauce” came from a packaged powder. At Super Mac Bros, we do our best to offer fresh and delicious tasting mac and cheeses. Each dish starts with fresh pasta that then comes with some tasty toppings and cheeses. Each bite will be just as tasty as the last!

Daisy Vegetarian Mac And Cheese Is Here

As mentioned, it is often hard to find a truly delicious vegetarian option when dining out. Our Daisy Mac is the perfect vegetarian mac and cheese option. The flavor is absolutely tasty and will be a new favorite of yours. The dish comes with elbow pasta that is covered with the cheddar cheese sauce along with grilled tofu, grilled sweet corn, and bell peppers. The dish can be enjoyed on its own to satisfy any craving you have. Our team can also add on a small bite to make it a full meal.

Super Mac Bros Serves Again

There is nothing better than enjoying one of your favorite comfort foods, especially when everyone in the family, including vegetarians, can join in on the fun too. Choose Super Mac Bros for your next dining experience; find our food truck hosting over the Phoenix Valley or schedule a catering service perfect for all kinds of special events. You will never choose another mac and cheese option ever again!