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Waluigi Salad

Waluigi Salad

When it comes to delicious food time after time again you will know that Super Mac Bros does not disappoint. We have been wowing the Phoenix community for years with our delicious take on mac and cheese dishes. Fresh ingredients are used with love to create these fan favorite bowls that are sure to light up your taste buds. We also want to make sure there is something on the menu for everyone. If you are looking for a carb friendly dish or wanting to add on some vegetables to your meal try out our Waluigi Salad. There is no trickery here as our Waluigi Salad is anything but a villain. Take a look at what this tasty and healthy salad has to offer:

Leafy Salad to the Rescue

Mac and cheese can be a filling dish so make sure to add on some veggies before you dig in. Our Waluigi Salad is the perfect time to help ensure you are still eating your greens. This menu item has been designed to be the perfect pairing to any of our mac and cheese bowls on the menu. Its smaller portion makes it the perfect side salad to be enjoyed by yourself. The Waluigi Salad offers up fresh greens that are topped off with cherry tomatoes, English cucumbers, pickled red onion, and our house made balsamic dressing. Each topping is always fresh and never froze, a freshness you can taste in every bite. The same goes for the ingredients used in our house salad dressing too. As you can see, we do not skip out on any important steps to ensure your Waluigi Salad is fresh every time you order it. Make sure to order this healthy mac and cheese side dish item the next time you dine with Super Mac Bros!

Finding the Waluigi Salad

If you are interested in trying out this tasty salad for yourself, make sure to track down our food truck. We host at a variety of events in Phoenix and also set up for regular hours too. We prepared the Waluigi Salad fresh every time it is ordered just like any other menu item. Another great way to order it is with our catering services. We can handle any special event thrown our way so make sure to add on a salad or two to your order.

Super Mac Bros Is Here

Do not just take our word for it and try out the Waluigi Salad for yourself. Our mac and cheese bowls and side items are a mainstay for the Phoenix food scene.