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Start The Arizona New Year Off Right With A Meal At Super Mac Bros

As we say hello to the first day of 2023 we may all still be a little shell-shocked. The holidays came and went in a blink of an eye and with a huge bite out of our bank accounts and as we sleep in late, perhaps waking up with a bit of a hangover, what


The Super Bowl 2023 Is Happening in Arizona – Have Super Mac Bros Cater Your Celebrations!

Arizona may be a little late to the game, only becoming a state in 1912 and not even having its own professional football team until 1988, but over the last few decades we have began to make our presence known for more than Western movies and dust storms. Today, we are known for the Phoenix

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Kick Off The Summer With A Meal From Super Mac Bros!

So we have barely stepped inside the boundaries of spring and have already had our first 96 degree temps, just a sign that the summer solstice is destined to be longer, brighter, and hotter than normal. We still have a few weeks (hopefully!) until the real heat hits, however, and now is the time to