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Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Catering

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Catering

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One of the most important figures in our nation’s history has a day to themselves to commemorate their accomplishments. We are talking about Martin Luther King, Jr., and MLK Jr. Day will be here before you know it. Whenever you celebrate MLK Jr. Day with friends or family, make sure you have the best food possible on hand. Super Mac Bros can do the trick with our incredible catering in AZ only available from us. Our catering team is able to serve any size of group and for any occasion such as MLK Jr. Day. Take a look at what our team can do for you:

Mac and Cheese Done Right

We understand if your first thought of mac and cheese is that it is a meal for a child. We all had our first taste of mac and cheese as children. It was the perfect meal, being quick and easy to make. Most parents found their mac and cheese in cardboard boxes at the grocery store filled with stale pasta and cheese powder. At Super Mac Bros, we take the nostalgia and create mac and cheese that is only made with fresh ingredients. These mac and cheese bowls are perfect for individuals of all ages. Our catering services can provide you with any of our delicious entrees typically found on our food truck menu. Choose from options such as our Fire Mario, the first mac and cheese bowl on our menu. This option is so tasty with elbow pasta topped off with spicy tomato cream and parmesan cheese. The second option on the menu is our Truffle Toad, which is a decadent treat. Expect to find elbow pasta that is covered in roasted garlic mushrooms, alfredo truffle cream sauce, and parsley. Next up on the menu is our Rosalina Southwest Mac, an option that really brings out the flavors of Arizona. This mac and cheese bowl comes with black beans, chorizo, roasted sweet corn, cilantro, chipotle cream, and salsa verde. The final option on the menu is a classic. The Yoshi Cheesy Mac is the classic combination of pasta and cheese that will never go out of style. We can always change your mac and cheese bowl by adding some additional protein such as chicken or steak. These mac and cheese bowls are the perfect addition for any MLK Jr. Day party!

Plenty of Sides

The food truck menu at Super Mac Bros has more than just mac and cheese bowls to offer. We also feature plenty of sides that can make your mac and cheese bowl a full meal. Add on a side or two with your order for even more flavor. The pretzel bites are a bite size version of your favorite appetizer and can easily be dipped into whole grain mustard. Our elote is another great option that features tons of flavor. This roasted sweet corn comes piled on with smoked paprika, cotija cheese, aioli, and much more. A side salad is always a perfect addition to any meal and our Waluigi Salad does not disappoint. This leafy green salad comes with toppings such as cherry tomatoes, English cucumber, and our house made salad dressing. Your sweet tooth will be satisfied with our mini cannoli. This bite sized version of the Italian classic is sure to bring a smile to your face. We also can take care of your drink selection too. We have quite a bit of canned sodas and bottled water to choose from. Do not forget about our house made lemonade that comes served in a 32-ounce mason jar with a variety of flavors to choose from. Now that is quite the selection for your MLK Jr. Day!

Cater Your MLK Jr. Day Event

When it comes to catering your MLK Jr. Day event, there is no wrong way to get our tasty food. We have a variety of AZ catering services to meet your needs including having our food truck coming out to your event. The food truck can take orders from your guests whenever they get hungry. This is a great way to use any outdoor space you have at your event venue. Another great option to cater your event is by having our team prepare your order right before the event and have it delivered hot and ready to eat. This is perfect for smaller events or venues that do not have a big enough outdoor space for the food truck. Regardless of how you cater the event Super Mac Bros is here to do the job!

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