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Chandler Super Mac Bros Mac and Cheese Cart

Chandler Super Mac Bros Mac and Cheese Cart

As an adult, you may not think about mac and cheese quite as often as you did when you were a child. It’s quite a shame, really, as mac and cheese never gets old and is the perfect fusion of cheese and pasta! Luckily, more places are starting to get with the program by offering decadent mac and cheese options that are perfect for all ages to enjoy. Best of all, if you live in the Phoenix Valley, you have the professionals at Super Mac Bros that can share up some tasty mac and cheese whenever you need it. If you have heard of our name before, it might be from our incredible food truck found around the Valley. We also provide a variety of catering services to get this delicious mac and cheese into the hands of hungry guests at special events. One of the best ways to enjoy our mac and cheese at your private event is by providing it with our mac and cheese cart. This mobile option lets us serve up tasty mac and cheese at outdoor gatherings or smaller events with ease. If you’re look for macaroni and cheese near me, take a look at how our mac and cheese Chandler food cart elevates the catering game:

Your Mac and Cheese Cart

Our mac and cheese catering cater is a great way to get premium mac and cheese into the hands of hungry guests. This cart is small in size but more than makes up for it with all of the tasty mac and cheese found inside. Private events in Chandler can easily be held in someone’s backyard or out at a reception venue. One of our mac and cheese chefs will also show up to sling that mac and cheese. We call this a win-win combo that will leave everyone satisfied and remembering your special event for years to come. You can’t beat that kind of catering service for the best best mac and cheese in Chandler!

Mac and Cheese Options

For those looking for macaroni and cheese near me, our mac and cheese is the ultimate fusion of fresh pasta and delicious cheese and toppings. We do not offer the mac and cheese from your childhood that came out of a cardboard box. Instead, we offer mac and cheese that is made to order with the last bite being just as good as the first. When you pick our mac and cheese cart, you are choosing some of the highest qualify mac and cheese out there in the Phoenix Valley. Your guests will not know what hit them when they take their first bite of this incredibly tasty food.

When you order your catering cart, let us know which mac and cheese options you would like to have. We offer all of the five varieties from our food truck menu. Our first mac and cheese option is the Fire Mario that comes with a spicy tomato cream sauce, parmesan cheese, and penne pasta. Next up is Big Bowser with a chipotle cream sauce, roasted corn, bell peppers, apple wood smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, and elbow pasta. Our Truffle Toad Mac is a decadent mac and cheese option with an alfredo cream sauce, roasted garlic mushrooms, parsley, and elbow pasta. Our fourth options is Rosalina Southwest Mac that comes with chorizo, black beans, chipotle cream, roasted sweet corn, and salsa verde. Last but not least is our Daisy Mac that is our vegetarian friendly option; think of grilled tofu, grilled sweet corn, bell peppers, elbow pasta, and a cheddar cheese sauce. Add on chicken or steak for a little extra protein with your mac and cheese bowl. It’s like each of these mac and cheese options have a certain video game theme going on…

Add on a Starter or Two

Your mac and cheese cart service can also provide additional options for your guests to choose from, including our small bite and appetizers. Add on an order of pretzel bites that can be shared or enjoy on your own with their whole grain mustard. We make a good elote with lime cilantro, smoked paprika, aioli, and cotija cheese for a southwest favorite. Dessert is the perfect end to your meal with our mini cannoli that are filled with a chocolate chip mascarpone cream, satisfying any sweet tooth you have. We have plenty of options with our catering services at Super Mac Bros!

More to Choose From With Our Chandler Food Cart

Our mac and cheese cart is not the only catering option we currently provide. Any larger event in Chandler may benefit from having our food truck come to host your meal. This allows guests to order from the truck and have all mac and cheese options available at once. We also have our mac and cheese bar option that lets guests make their own. Let Super Mac Bros make your Chandler event the best it can be!


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