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Sedona Wedding Catering

Sedona Wedding Catering

We have all been to a wedding reception before where the food that ended up being served was bland and not memorable. These kinds of weddings can be disappointing especially for the bride and groom as so much time is involved in the planning. Make sure to avoid any pitfalls such as this when planning for your wedding by trusting the catering services at Super Mac Bros. We offer a variety of delicious mac and cheese options that will be incredible tasting and memorable for each guest. This also includes any wedding being planned up north in Sedona. Our team can make the short trek up to Sedona to help you host your wedding so you have one less thing to worry about. Here is how your Sedona wedding catering can look like with our food truck services:

Food Truck Catering in Sedona AZ

When it comes to Sedona, you will find that there are plenty of outdoor venues for you to choose from. The weather is absolutely beautiful up in Sedona so you should take advantage of it. If your wedding venue has a large outdoor space or is being held in a backyard, you may want to have our food truck come to you. Our food truck is huge and can handle any amount of people thrown our way. The food truck will set up at the event and take orders from your guests whenever they get hungry. The entire food truck menu will be available for you to choose from. Having a food truck on hand is very exciting for your guests. You simply can’t beat having our team on hand to serve up your guests!

Mac and Cheese Station

If your wedding venue does not have an outdoor space fret not as we can deliver a mac and cheese station to your event. Sometimes we just want to have the big day indoors away from the elements. Other times the venue may not have room for our food truck to set up. Either way we can easily take care of your catering needs through our mac and cheese station. There are two ways to have our catering in Sedona, AZ. We can arrange it as a buffet station where your guests can help themselves to our giant dishes of mac and cheese. They can try a little bit of everything on their plate and find a new favorite. We can also have one of our incredible chefs serve your guests to help keep the line moving and address any questions your guests may have. We can prepare any of our tasty mac and cheese options along with different sides. Just let us know what you want on your mac and cheese station!

Choose from Any of Our Mac and Cheese Dishes

Our catering services can serve up any of the delicious items found on our food truck menu. Each of our mac and cheese entrees are made with fresh ingredients and are never frozen. You will be amazed at how a gourmet mac and cheese dish can replace your cravings for the cardboard box varieties found in grocery stores. We offer five different options for mac and cheese dishes that are all equally delicious. Our Fire Mario is the first on the menu and features a spicy tomato cream sauce, parmesan cheese, and penne pasta. Our second mac and cheese option is the Big Bowser with Applewood smoked bacon, chipotle cream, bell peppers, roasted corn, cheddar cheese, and elbow pasta. Third is our Truffle Toad which features truffle cream sauce, roasted garlic, parsley, elbow pasta, and mushrooms. Fourth is the Rosalina Southwest Mac and is a classic Southwest dish. Expect to find chorizo, black beans, roasted sweet corn, chipotle cream, and salsa verde. Our fifth and final mac and cheese dish is Daisy Mac that features grilled tofu, grilled sweet corn, cheddar cheese sauce, bell peppers, and elbow pasta. Make sure to ask about customizing your dish by adding steak or chicken for some extra protein too!

Of course, just offering mac and cheese would not do the trick for any wedding. We also the rest of our entire food menu for your Sedona wedding catering. This includes small bites to start your meal with that include pretzel bites and elote. These tasty options are perfect to share among tables. Don’t forget to add a salad or our popular mini cannoli for a full meal. We can also make sure the drinks are taken care of too. Our selection includes a variety of canned soda, bottled water, and our house made lemonade. This is served up in big mason jars for a sweet treat. Yum!

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As you can see, our catering services will make sure your Sedona wedding is the best it can be. Book our services today so we can help with the planning!