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Tempe Wedding Catering

Tempe Wedding Catering

We all know that planning for a wedding is a long ordeal with so many moving components. The past year has shown that when things don’t work out just right it can cause all kinds of headaches for your planning. Let the meal at your wedding reception be the last thing to worry about with our Tempe wedding catering services available exclusively from Super Mac Bros. Our food truck can be found all over the Phoenix Valley serving up our delicious version of tasty mac and cheese. Our gourmet creations are the perfect addition to any wedding providing a unique meal they will remember for years to come. Take a look at what our services entail for residents of Tempe:

Food Truck Hosting

The first way our team can help host your wedding reception meal is by having our food truck come out directly to your event. Our mobile food truck has bright colors and looks great no matter where it is stationed at. Having our food truck come out to your Tempe wedding is perfect for backyard weddings or venues where there is plenty of outdoor space. Our food truck sets up shop and takes orders from your guests whenever they get hungry. Since you have the whole food truck to yourself at the wedding you will find that the entire menu is ready to go for you. This is an exciting way to provide a tasty meal to your guests at an outdoor venue!

Mac and Cheese Station

Our food truck is not the only way your Tempe wedding can be served our delicious mac and cheese. If your venue does not have space outdoors for the truck you can easily have our team set up a mac and cheese station inside. We prepare huge mac and cheese platters that are kept hot throughout the reception. One option is having the mac and cheese station be served buffet style as guests are able to serve themselves. This is perfect for smaller events where you do not have to worry about someone going overboard with their favorite mac and cheese. We can also have one of our mac and cheese chefs on hand serving your guests; this option is ideal for larger weddings where you want to keep the line moving. Either way, you have plenty of Tempe catering options to choose from for the mac and cheese you want offered. The food will be hot and delicious as ever from start to finish.

More Options Than Ever

Having an incredible catering service can be rendered obsolete if you do not have the food to back it up. Luckily, our Tempe wedding catering is as incredible as ever as our mac and cheese options are the finest in the Phoenix Valley. As mentioned, our food truck menu is available for your Tempe wedding. We offer five different varieties of tasty mac and cheese bowls. Choose from the Fire Mario, a tasty mac and cheese option with spicy tomato cream sauce, penne pasta, and parmesan cheese. Big Bowser may be a nemesis but is tasty as ever; enjoy the chipotle cream, roasted corn, bell peppers, cheddar cheese, elbow pasta, and applewood smoked bacon. Truffle Toad is here to help with your hunger by offering a rich alfredo truffle cream sauce, roasted garlic mushrooms, parsley, and elbow pasta. Rosalina Southwest Mac is a customer favorite with chorizo, chipotle cream, black beans, roasted sweet corn, and salsa verde. Our last but still as tasty option is the Daisy Mac, a vegetarian friendly mac and cheese with grilled tofu, grilled sweet corn, bell peppers, elbow pasta, and a cheddar cheese sauce. Each mac and cheese can also be customized by adding chicken or steak for some additional protein with every bite.

Don’t forget about adding small bite, salads, desserts, and drinks to your wedding catering menu. Pretzel bites and elote are a great way to hold your guests over until it is time for the meal. The mini cannoli are a tasty treat with chocolate chip mascarpone cream. We offer a wide variety of beverages including canned soda, bottled water, and our house made lemonade that is served in a 32-ounce mason jar. You have never seen this many options all from one catering service provider that is guaranteed to turn heads when your guests smell the delicious aroma of mac and cheese.

Book Your Wedding Catering Service Today

Now that is one heck of a menu offered from Super Mac Bros just in time for your Tempe wedding. Our team is ready to serve you and your guests for a memorable occasion. Simply contact our team today with details so we can help you plan for which service can best fit your event right here in Tempe.