Menu Spotlight: Rosalina Southwest Mac

If you have spent any time at all living in the Phoenix Metropolitan area, you probably already know that life is different in the desert. The arid environment, the scorching temperatures, and the fact that we do not participate in Daylight Savings Time are just a few examples of the differences we live with every day, but there is one unique difference that we at Super Mac Bros. has embraced: Of course, that difference is the food that we grow up on here in the desert! Our childhood meal memories are not centered around grilled cheese sandwiches and biscuits and gravy; no, we grew up with breakfast burritos and spicy tacos, savoring the heat that was replicated in the temperatures outdoors! However, if you think it unusual that a food truck selling the most “basic” of all-American comfort foods, macaroni and cheese, is discussing the south of the border meals so prevalent in our culture, well, we thought we would take a few minutes out of your day to introduce the Rosalina Southwest Mac! Macaroni and cheese in Arizona does not have to be bland, and the flavors that make up the Rosalina are the perfect example!

The Combination You Won’t Be Able to Resist!

No matter how you look at it, macaroni and cheese is the comfort food that makes all the bad feelings go away, but there is nothing wrong with spicing it up a bit, as we have done with our Rosalina Southwest Mac! We begin the creation of this dish with the ultimate change, chorizo, (which is really just our spicy version of hot dogs, if you think about it!) ensuring that this flavorful dish will become your ultimate favorite! Mixing in a chipotle cream which cools and heats at the same time, we then add in black beans, roasted sweet corn, cilantro, and a delicious salsa verde to enhance all the flavor combinations. The one thing we didn’t change was the traditional elbow macaroni, wanting to ensure that there was something about this time-honored dish that you still recognized! We put a lot of time and thought into the Rosalina, knowing that this was the dish that perhaps was the biggest variation of the comfort food we grew up with and deciding that it was time to go big or go home. After that first bite, we are so glad that going home was really never an option, and we think that you will feel the same way when you dig into this special dish!

Macaroni and Cheese in Arizona Perfect for Any Occasion!

Now that you have tasted the Rosalina Southwest Mac, you may be looking for more ways to incorporate this hearty meal into your life, and we are happy to tell you that it is perfect for any occasion! Bring home enough for the family to enjoy after a long day of school, work, and sports practices, and watch everyone dig in with gusto! Invite a few of your favorite work friends over for a Rosalina and Real Housewives party, adding in a few bottles of your favorite chardonnay to increase your joy. Or sneak out on a Saturday afternoon, telling the family you have chores to do, and stop by one of our food trucks. A bowl of Rosalina Southwest Mac, a sunny afternoon, and no distractions from kids or spouse needing to know where their shoes/toothbrush/clean underwear can be as life changing as a day at the spa! There is no wrong way to enjoy this spicy bowl, and if it does not become your new obsession, well, we will not judge you because we figure you have fallen for another of our unique mac and cheese dishes! Although we would like to take some time to explain to you the wonders of our Truffle Toad, the fabulousness of our Fire Mario, and the healthy obsession we have with our Big Bowser, today is all about the Rosalina Southwest Mac. Changing the way you look at macaroni and cheese forevermore, this unique meal could be considered your gateway to delicious food options!

All the Ways You Can Get the Rosalina Southwest Mac

Fortunately, following our food trucks around the valley is not the only way you can get your fix of your new fave, but if you do, our new tri-concept food trucks allow you and your family to enjoy tacos, mac and cheese, and poke bowls! We offer catering services that will introduce your family and friends to the joy we call Rosalina, ensuring that Super Mac Bros will become a family tradition for years to come. Drop by one of our food trucks today, or if you have an upcoming event that you really do not feel like cooking for, fill out the form on our website and enjoy Rosalina Southwest Mac on your own terms!


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