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Our Menu

The Food That Has Stood the Test of Time

Mac and cheese has been pleasing the taste buds of people ever since the 14th century and originally had cheese on the bottom and melted butter on the top. It was originally an Italian dish, but it was quickly adopted by the British, and the French were soon to follow.

While traveling through France with his chef, Thomas Jefferson discovered the dish and soon brought it to the United States. Today mac and cheese is loved all over the world. Whether baked or boiled, the starchy cheesy offers the perfect absorbent base for a multitude of flavor combinations. Although cheddar is the most popular cheese used in the dish, you can get it with gouda, Jarlsberg, and gruyere. It truly holds the flavor of any ingredient that you add to it.

The aroma of mac and cheese will draw people to your event and leave your employees, clients, or your guests feeling happy, full, and comforted. They will have a great feeling about you and your organization, and they will come back to your events over and over again!

Super Mac Bros

Check out our mac and cheese food truck menu! We have several different mac n cheese options to please any palate. Whether you are looking for something spicy and creamy or even a smokey tangy feel, our mac ‘n’ cheese bowls are here to please. Chef Tom wanted to bring his love of gourmet elevated ingredients to the classic American pastime that is mac ‘n’ cheese! Our food truck and trailer are based out of Phoenix, AZ but we travel all over the valley! Not looking for a food truck? Try our drop-off mac ‘n’ cheese bar experience. You can find us out in the public or book us for your private event!

Mac and cheese is one of America’s favorite comfort foods. It is warm, creamy, and indulgent. Perhaps the best thing about this wonderful dish is that it is so versatile. You can eat it as an accompaniment, or you can enjoy it as a main course. When you see the amazing varieties that our cart has to offer, you will never want to host an event without us.

Please note this menu is for open sales events. If you are looking for our private/limited menus please reach out via the contact us page!


Our mac and cheese food truck serves the following areas in and around Phoenix. Love our mac and cheese food truck menu? You’ll love having us at your next event, give us a call!