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Super Bowl Catering

Super Bowl Catering

Each year, millions of Americans across the country wait for what feels like forever during the summer season for football to return. Luckily, the season is now in full swing bringing about the epic matchup that we watch with our eyes glued to the TVs on Sunday. There is no bigger matchup each year than Super Bowl, one of the world’s largest sporting competitions. Many friends and family members get together each year at a Super Bowl party to watch the game together. Make your next Super Bowl party one to remember by having our delicious mac and cheese bowls catered for the event. You will not have to settle on cheap store-bought chips and instead enjoy freshly prepared pasta, cheese, and plentiful toppings. Take a look at how our Super Bowl catering services can make your Super Bowl party even better this year:

Fresh Mac N Cheese

With a name like Super Mac Bros, you can expect some of the best mac and cheese you have ever tasted. Mac and cheese is an American staple just like football and has been a favorite since your childhood years. While your early years may be full of the store-bought cardboard box varieties you can expect anything but that from us. Instead, our mac and cheese bowls use only fresh ingredients for every bite. Each bowl starts with freshly prepared pasta. It is then topped with a variety of cheeses and finally hearty toppings. You will be enjoying your mac and cheese bowl even more after every bite. Our catering menu offers all four of our mac and cheese bowls for your event. This includes the Fire Mario, our house favorite here at Super Mac Bros. This hefty mac and cheese dish is made with freshly prepared elbow pasta that is then covered in parmesan cheese and our spicy tomato cream sauce. The Truffle Toad is our second dish on the menu and is anything but the side kick. This bowl features elbow pasta that is covered in alfredo truffle cream sauce, roasted garlic mushrooms, and parsley. Our next mac and cheese dish is the Rosalina Southwest Mac. This Arizona favorite features plenty of toppings that is sure to fill you. This bowl is elbow pasta that comes topped off with chorizo, chipotle cream, black beans, roasted sweet corn, cilantro, and salsa verde. Last but certainly not least on the menu is our Yoshi Cheesy Mac. This mac and cheese dish is perfect for those with a picky palate. Expect to find a classic mac and cheese featuring just pasta and cheese. Each bowl can be customized further by adding protein including chicken and steak for an additional fee.

Add on Some Sides Too

Our Phoenix, AZ, catering services allow you to add on additional items to your order that are not typically found on our menu. Sides are the perfect way to make a full meal out of your mac and cheese bowl or to help get your appetite started. Start off your Super Bowl meal with an order of our pretzel bites that come with our whole-grain mustard to dip in. Our elote is the perfect roasted street corn covered in aioli, paprika, and cotija cheese. We can also provide you with some salads such as our Waluigi Salad that is fresh greens that comes topped off with English cucumbers and cherry tomatoes; the house-made salad dressing is light and tasty! We also offer dessert so your sweet tooth can have something to enjoy too. Our mini cannoli are perfect to enjoy on your own or dare a loved one to try and share with you. Our drink selection is great too. Enjoy a variety of beverages including canned soda, bottled water, and our popular house-made lemonade that is served in mason jars. We have your Super Bowl party taken care of!

Ways to Cater Your Super Bowl Event

Your Super Bowl party can be catered in a few different ways allowing you to pick the best option for you. Our food truck can come to your Super Bowl party and make your dishes as they are ordered. This allows every option to be completely fresh and tasty. It is also a great way to drum up excitement for you and your guests. Another great option for your Super Bowl party is to have the food brought to you through delivery. Think of your favorite delivery food but in the form of our delicious and fresh mac and cheese bowls. This is great for smaller parties or if your home does not have room to set up the food truck. Talk about options!

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