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As you stop by the office one day, peeking in at your hard-working employees, watching them smile, laugh, and still get the job done, you may have an epiphany. The last year and a half (or more) of your company’s existence has been like no other time. They have dealt with the fears of the virus, the worries about how to continue doing their jobs without putting themselves and their families at risk, and deciphered the secrets to working from home successfully! Every day, in one way or the other, these wonderful people were there for you and your company, and now, you may be thinking that there has to be a way to reward them. We at Super Mac Bros believe that feeding hungry people is the ultimate way to show your appreciation, and these corporate Arizona catering options we offer will help make your job easy—all you have to do is make the order and exercise your company credit card, we will do everything else!

Every Bite Will Be Your Favorite

If you haven’t tried Super Mac Bros yet, there is no better time than the present! Offering bowls that taste like home, each of our dishes will feed your soul as they fill your belly, and if the mac and cheese meals aren’t enough, we also offer small bites that include pretzel bites and elote. Fill your spoon with a hearty taste of spicy tomato cream sauce, penne pasta, and parmesan that makes up our Fire Mario, or dip that same spoon in the hearty Big Bowser, a bowl that is practically exploding with flavors that include chipotle cream, roasted corn, bell peppers, cheddar, and Applewood bacon. When you have finished sampling the much-loved Rosalina Mac or the vegetarian delight that is our Daisy Mac, you will have an easier time choosing how you are going to feed your employees, being sure to offer enough to fill your stomach as well!

All the Ways You Can Arizona Catering

As we mentioned earlier, feeding people is our favorite thing to do, and because no two companies are identical, we provide a variety of ways for you to do the feeding. Choose our drop off catering services and we will prepare the foods you think your workers will love the best and drop it at the location of your choice, including plasticware, napkins, and whatever else is needed to complete the meal. Once we set it all up to be served, we leave you to the most important part: eating the food we have prepared! Serving dishes and spoons can be tossed in the trash when the feast is done, leaving only a minimal amount of clean up for the designated crew.

Generally, with our regular catering services, there aren’t as many selections in meals for feeding your crew, but if you choose our mac & cheese bar catering option, the choices are infinite! Let your staff pick out the flavors that make them happiest as they belly up to the bar for all their favorite dishes. They can mix Truffle Toad with Fire Mario or pair up Big Bowser with Rosalina, creating an interesting combination that may change their tastes forever. The joy of eating will bond your staff together in ways you never dreamed possible!

Finally, for the biggest of corporations, (or any business that has plenty of room for extra vehicles) our food truck can come directly to your company. Let us create each meal as your employees order, and because there is never a bad time for a company get together, maybe you could set up some chairs and tables in your parking lot, add a stereo system of some sort, and plan a Friday afternoon thank you soiree! Your employees have sacrificed right alongside you, and this is the best way we can imagine to thank them effusively for all their hard work. As you join in the festivities, you can once again try to decide which of our Super Mac Bros bowls is your absolute favorite; consider it a personal challenge and understand in advance that our mac bowls are so delicious, this may be the hardest challenge you have ever completed in your life!

Feeding People Makes Us Happy

A well fed employee is a happy and productive employee, so lets combine our strengths and give them what they so richly deserve! Ordering is easy; simply fill out and submit the form you see to the right of our catering page today!


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