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As the final months of 2021 appear on the calendars, we know it is time to start celebrating, to enjoy fancy feasts with our friends and families, to shop for food and gifts, to begin making lists of everything we are thankful for, of everything we want for Christmas, and of course, of everything we are planning to do for the new year! But we are still living in that weird in between world of pandemic and normalcy, and we are trying to adjust to Arizona traffic, wearing pants, and having to get up early each morning to begin our commutes back to work, and yes, we are ALL exhausted! But because you have friends in mobile places, you know that the secret to doing it all without working super hard is to take advantage of our holiday party catering services we offer at Super Mac Bros. This guide to our Arizona catering menu is destined to make your celebration the one that all your guests talk about for years to come, and as everyone devours our rich and hearty Super Mac Bros delicious dishes that you did not have to prepare yourself, you will suddenly find that your empty tank of holiday spirit has miraculously filled up once again!

Choose Your Arizona Catering Options

The best part of choosing Super Mac Bros for your holiday catering is knowing all the different ways we can feed you! If you are craving the comforts of macaroni and cheese on Christmas or New Year’s Eve, we can drop off the food the night before the big day, so we can enjoy the holiday with our families as well! There is a little bit of work involved, as you heat up the dishes you chose and set the meals out for serving, but it is still far less effort than it would be if you had to create the entire feast from scratch. Arizona homes are not known for their expansive backyards, but if you choose our food trailer for your catering needs during a pre-holiday party, the compact 10 X 8 vehicles will fit neatly into your backyard, offering a service window at which your guests can easily order the macs of their choice.

This is the best time of the year for businesses and corporations to show their appreciation of the hard work performed by their employees with a picnic feast in the parking lot and our food trucks that are large and in charge will really show your hard-working people just how much you care! Featuring a quiet generator that won’t annoy neighboring businesses, these self-sustaining trucks are truly destined to be the life of your party. Finally, when you care enough to give the best, our full-service traditional catering option allows your guests to feel pampered and spoiled, as it also gives you more serving options! Choose chaffing dishes and a double sided buffet where guests can serve themselves from the delicious mac and cheese dishes or go all out and offer action stations where chefs create the meals your people want right as they order! Whatever catering option you choose, you can rest easy knowing that someone else is doing the hard work while you reap the benefits of going for a catered meal!

The Meal of the Moment

Now that you have chosen the style of catering you want, it is time to choose the foods that will make your guests, family, and/or employees the happiest! We offer a choice of three different menu options, conveniently labeled A, B, or C, with each choice featuring some of our most popular dishes! A is for amazing and includes four of our favorites, the Fire Mario, Big Bowser, Daisy Mac, & Sweet Luigi, while not featuring any extra protein options. B is for bountiful and includes the Fire Mario, Truffle Toad, Rosalina Southwest Mac, and Daisy Mac, but this choice includes two protein options: chicken or steak. And finally, C is for Crazy Tasty and offers all the same dishes you will find in group A, but with the added option of choosing chicken, steak, or shrimp for add-ons! For those who are looking for an elegant New Year’s Eve extravaganza, our small bites menu is available for a minimum of 25 guests and features pretzel bites, elote, and a bruschetta that is topped with locally sourced tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil, and a tangy balsamic glaze that is the perfect finish for a perfect menu item! Add a Waluigi Salad created from mixed greens, garden tomatoes, English cucumber, pickled red onions, and a balsamic house dressing and finish off your feast with the ultimate in desserts, our sweetly spicy classic churros coated in a cinnamon sugar “crust” guaranteed to start your mouth watering!

Thankful for You

As we finish off another topsy turvy year filled with happiness and angst, we at Super Mac Bros want you to know that you top the list of all the things we are thankful for! Fill out the form on our catering page today and let’s start the party that will top all parties together!


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