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As we make our way through days filled with meetings, school events, sports practices, and all the assorted chores that go along with apartment rental or home ownership, some things tend to be pushed aside in order to make everything fit into the day. Maybe you stopped making your bed in 1994 or perhaps you switched to silk plants because you just don’t have the time to water the real ones. There are all kinds of shortcuts we take to save our sanity and our energy, most of which are harmless, except for the stopping of our weekly date nights. It is easy to say, oh, we will do that next week, but when next week arrives a new laundry list of things that have to be done tempts us to push the date night off once again. We at Super Mac Bros, however, are here to show you just how easy (and inexpensive) it can be to plan a dinner for two, ensuring that this week’s date night will be looked forward to with high anticipation!

Mac and Cheese Food Truck Menu

Comfort Food can be Romantic too!

It’s been engrained in us to believe that we show our love with fancy gestures; a night on the town with haute cuisine and expensive tickets to a show or game is the standard date night experience, but the simple moments can be even more impactful! Don’t wait until the weekend to plan your night out, because you know the weekends are the busiest! Choose a Wednesday evening and start out by purchasing your favorite bottle of wine (and no, it doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to be something you love!) and perhaps, if you really want to impress, a box of chocolates, cookies, or even those big cupcakes with the sprinkles on top. Not everyone claims cooking as something they are good at and this is where Super Mac Bros comes into the picture! Comfort food CAN be romantic, especially when you take the time to plan out a romantic meal to surprise your favorite Valentine, and nothing spells out comfort more than a big bowl of Mac and Cheese! Leave work a little early, and head to the spot where you know that Super Mac Bros appears regularly and order from our very delicious menu of mac and cheese varieties. If you are a regular, you probably already know which is your favorite dish, but if this is your first experience with us, prepare to be happy as you peruse our menu; we will provide a little more info about the dishes we serve from our Arizona food truck below.

Mac and Cheese Food Truck Catering Services

Something for Everyone at Our Arizona Food Truck

Food serves a very important purpose in our lives and that purpose is not just to keep us alive! (Although it DOES do that too) Food heals broken hearts, it begins the best relationships, and it helps us continue our happily ever after and when you choose Super Mac Bros for your romantic dinner for two, it helps all the bad moments be forgotten. Our food, designed to bring comfort, offers something for everyone, even the pickiest of eaters! Vegetarians will fall for the flavor combinations of our Daisy Mac, made with elbow pasta, cheddar cheese sauce, sweet corn, grilled tofu, bell peppers, and a pinch of happy feelings. Opposites often attract, however, and if your sweetheart is a diehard carnivore, our Big Bowser with additional chicken or steak may be just what the palate ordered! A smorgasbord of flavors combine to create a bowl that is hearty and delicious, made with many of the same ingredients in our Daisy Mac, but we substitute the grilled tofu for strips of applewood bacon! If a taste of the Southwest makes your heart skip a beat, our aptly named Rosalina Southwest Mac is created from chorizo, chipotle cream, black beans, roasted sweet corn, cilantro, and a salsa verde. Our Fire Mario will bring the heat you crave, simply made with a spicy tomato cream sauce, penne pasta, and parmesan cheese and if you prefer a little extra protein, just remember. Steak and chicken can be added to any of our bowls, making your feast a hearty affair that you will never forget! For big eaters a serving of pretzel bites can be added to your order and lighter diners may prefer to try our Waluigi salad made with greens, cherry tomatoes, English cucumber, pickled red onion, and topped with our house made balsamic dressing. And finally, even if you did pick up chocolates or cupcakes, if you don’t add our mini cannolis to your order you will probably regret it forever!

No Wrong Choices

There are no wrong choices in meals for your romantic dinner for two, just delicious options that are guaranteed to bring you closer together! Follow our food trucks today!

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