Celebrate Easter With Super Mac Bros

There’s nothing we love more than celebrating the holidays with friends, family, and a fabulous feast and now that the first major holiday of the year is just a few short weeks away, we couldn’t be more happy! Easter is held on April 17th this year and our spouses are already planning all the extra dishes they are going to prepare to go along with our Super Mac Bros amazing meals. Easter has always been about comfort food, the savory ham, delicious breads, and all the sweet desserts we can’t live without and our macaroni and cheese dishes fit right into the feaster extravaganza! And if you find yourself less than enthusiastic about doing any of the cooking, 2022 has been quite a busy year already, our filling dishes can be the entire meal! Order enough to feed all your guests and spend your spare time enjoying how clean the kitchen is and chatting with all your guests; this guide to celebrating Easter with Super Mac Bros is destined to make your holiday one you will never forget!

Food is Love

When we were little, our female relatives, moms, aunts, and grandmothers, instilled a love of feeding people in us and never was it more evident that to our families food equaled love than when the holidays rolled around. The tables would be laden with every dish imaginable and within minutes it would all be picked clean. Our dads would go back multiple times filling plates that never seemed large enough with a tablespoon of everything while we kids would barely taste the food on our plates, so excited we were to be with our cousins eating all the sweet treats that we could hide from our mothers. (Our moms were more interested in the coffee and desserts, but they still managed to put away quite a bit of both.) Today many of those family members are no longer with us, but their memories live on in the dishes we prepare at our own holiday meals, many of which you will be able to enjoy when you choose to celebrate Easter with Super Mac Bros. Yes, our macaroni and cheeses may be updated versions of the classic meal, but their roots can be found on a grease spotted index card tucked away in a little wood box sitting on a shelf in our at home kitchens! Our Fire Mario is a tribute to family members who liked to turn up the heat, our Big Bowser was created for an uncle who had an insatiable appetite, and the Daisy Mac? A kind hearted grandmother never could hurt a soul and that included eating anything that ever had a mother.

Our Arizona Mac and Cheese is A Modern Twist on the Old Favorites

Whether you choose to spice up your table with our a few Arizona mac and cheese dishes or you find yourself serving an entire meal of Super Mac Bros delights, you may want to learn more about the dishes we provide. We’ve already mentioned 3 favorites, the Fire Mario, the Big Bowser, and the Daisy Mac but there’s another dish in our catering menu A that should not be left out, the Sweet Luigi. Made with fresh pesto cream, Italian squash, bell peppers, parmesan cheese, and linguini Pasta, this dish can be enjoyed as it is under menu option A, or with the addition of chicken or steak under menu option B, or even with shrimp under menu option C. Menu B allows for a choice of our Truffle Toad and Rosalina Mac in addition to Fire Mario and Daisy Mac. And Menu C offers all the same dishes found on Menu A allowing guests to add chicken, steak or shrimp to their Easter holiday choices. Other items found on our catering menu, also had their start at our families holiday tables and includes small bites such as Pretzel Bites with whole grain mustard, bruschetta made with sweet tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil, and a tangy balsamic glaze, and an appetizer that needs no introduction, our Super Mac Bros version of a Mexican street classic, elote. Be sure your children get their veggies in with the addition of our Waluigi salad, and even if you feel you have to try your hand at baking that peanut butter cake with chocolate icing that your great grandmother made every year, your meal will be missing something important if you don’t choose to provide our mini cannolis and crème filled churros, two baked goods guaranteed to sate the sweetest of teeth!

Hoppy Easter

The world has been through a tough few years but at Easter, all that matters is being able to spend it with your family enjoying a meal that everyone will be thankful for and we at Super Mac Bros are excited to be able to join you in your celebration. Give us a call today!


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