There’s Something For The Whole Family At Super Mac Bros!

As the school year ends parents all over the world are tearing their hair out trying to come up with breakfast, lunch, AND dinner ideas for every day of the week. Stay-at-home parents can no longer look forward to a quiet lunch of whatever they decide they want to try and working parents are destined to be barraged with a flurry of phone calls from children at home who can’t find anything to eat (even though the refrigerator was filled the evening before!) And although we at Super Mac Bros can’t solve every meal problem, we can give families a break at lunch and dinner with the delicious food options found on our food trucks that run all over the valley. Offering something for everyone, and yes, that includes the pickiest of eaters, the whole family is guaranteed to be quiet for at least 10 minutes as they devour our delicious Arizona mac and cheese dishes!

Truffle Toad for Mom

Our moms deserve the best and when it comes time to eat, it is Truffle Toad that will show mom how much we appreciate all her sacrifices. This elegant dish merges comfort food with haute cuisine, created with alfredo truffle sauce, roasted garlic mushrooms, and elbow pasta. Mom needs extra protein to ensure her energy levels stay up as she chauffeurs kids from pool parties to mall expeditions or afternoons spent at the local trampoline center and for a few extra bucks, she can choose to add chicken or steak to her meal! The rich dish, the beauty of an Arizona summer day, and those blessed moments of silence will give her the peace she so richly deserves!

Those Big Bowser Cravings for Dad

Dad has always been larger than life, taller than everyone else in the family, teller of bad dad jokes, and working hard to ensure that our garbage is taken to the curb on the right day, our pool is always sparkling clean, and we don’t spend money unnecessarily by following behind us and turning off the lights we leave on every room we pass through. Big men have big appetites, so of course, only the Big Bowser will do for dad! Made of chipotle cream, roasted corn, bell peppers, cheddar, elbow pasta, and dads favorite meat, applewood smoked bacon, this Super Mac Bros meal is destined to lighten his mood as it fills his stomach; leading to another round of bad dad jokes, of course!

Daisy Mac for your Enlightened Teen

Teenagers sure know how the world works and what all the solutions to our problems should be, starting with the very bad habit we all have of eating meat. Their sensitive hearts can’t bear the thought of orphaning poor animals (we have all seen what happened to Bambi!) and although not eating meat won’t end all the world’s problems, your teen is determined to make a difference in this one way! Fortunately, Super Mac Bros really does offer something for everyone in your family and our Daisy Mac dish is the perfect example. No animals were harmed in the making of this meal, created from grilled tofu and sweet corn, bell peppers, cheddar cheese sauce, and elbow pasta. And because this comfort food is still hearty and filled with protein, as well as a healthy selection of vegetables, even the largest of appetites will be sated and good humor will be restored.

Your Desert Dwelling Pre-Teen will only be Happy with our Rosalinda Southwest Mac

Now we come to the youngest member of your nuclear family, your pre-teen (or tween!) who always runs and never walks, talks too loudly, and refuses to take baths too often. He (or she!) has never met a snack food that he doesn’t like (introduce him to our mini cannolis, if you dare!) and is always hungry 5 seconds after devouring the last crumb of lunch he is asking for a snack and no sooner than that snack has disappeared down his gullet he is wondering about dinner! A large meal is the only appropriate meal for his never-full tank, and quite possibly he would enjoy the Big Bowser just like his dad, but for a true southwestern desert tween, we think our Rosalinda Southwest Mac will conquer his never-ending hunger! Made with chorizo, chipotle cream, black beans, roasted sweet corn, and salsa verde, an extra portion of beef or chicken may help ensure he sleeps through the night without wandering through the kitchen in search of sweets!

Find Joy for the Entire Family with Super Mac Bros’ Arizona Mac and Cheese

Of course, these are only generalizations and any of these meals may satisfy your hunger, but however, you choose to fill your belly, only Super Mac Bros can conquer your cravings! Follow our food trucks today!


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