A Stop at Super Mac Bros Will Make Even the Worst of Days Better!

As the mercury rises and the days grow longer, hotter, and more unbearable all the normal annoyances in life can send us into stratospheric heights of anger. It’s too hot, we are too tired, and work is often filled with angry clients, indifferent bosses, and boring meetings that drone on and on and on, but before you lose your temper, before you lock yourself in the bathroom and cry, and before you walk out on a job that you very much need, why not take a break and find out what our Super Mac Bros food trucks have to offer? Food is what it takes to soothe most savage beasts and if it’s comfort food, such as our delightful mac and cheese dishes, all the better! This guide to why a stop at Super Mac Bros will make your very bad day suddenly turn wonderful will help tide you over until the clock clicks over to lunchtime, so be patient, keep reading, and be prepared for wonderful!

Feed your Soul With Our Arizona Mac and Cheese

We know that you are normally a very patient person and the stage of annoyance you have reached today is just a result of the triple-digit temperatures that seem to fry your brain although we can’t lower the AC in nature, we can help feed your soul. Our mac and cheese dishes are the ultimate in comfort foods, transporting tasters back in time to the days when bad days at school were discussed over a full plate of food, followed by a delicious dessert. Every bite of the creamy goodness of our Yoshi Cheesy Mac will taste like summer, its golden hue taking on the glow of the desert sun and reminding us that life could be worse; we could be living in the rainy state of Washington and rarely see the sun! The blue box was a staple in our lives while growing up and although we do believe there will always be a time and place for it, one bite of our Yoshi Cheesy Mac will make you aware that there are some good parts about growing up!

Clear up the Blues

Interestingly enough, Seasonal Affectation Disorder (SAD) doesn’t affect us here in the desert because the sun is nearly always shining. It is, however, possible to feel sad and depressed no matter how bright a day it is, and when the blues take over, Super Mac Bros step up! How can you be sad when you catch sight of our colorful truck driving up to where you stand, filled with all the goodness of your favorite Arizona mac and cheese? Perhaps a little spice will remove the gloom from your expression and a taste of our Fire Mario will reignite your passion for summer! Created with a spicy tomato cream sauce, elbow macaroni, and parmesan cheese, if you are really hungry to be cheered up, adding chicken or steak for 2 and 3 dollars more promises to do the job right!

Hangry is an Emotion Too

It is easy to forget to eat when your phones are ringing, emails are flying, and the boss is demanding that the report he ordered be completed YESTERDAY, but as you wade through the stress, you may notice physiological changes beginning to take place. Your hands begin to shake, your skin gets damp and sweaty, and the anger that generally is not an issue begins to bubble up in your belly. You, dear friend, are officially hangry and there is only one cure for this disorder. A large bowl of your favorite Super Mac Bros Rosalina Southwest Mac! (with extra chicken or steak, of course, because protein always helps the hangers!) This hardy dish is a colorful blend of spicy chorizo, chipotle cream, black beans, roasted corn, cilantro, salsa verde, and elbow pasta, a dish that really could be considered a miracle potion as it cuts to the heart of your hanger and brings back the joy that normally resides within!

All the Reasons To Eat at Super Mac Bros

As you very well know there are many thousands of reasons why your summer day in the desert could be a bad one and while there also are possibly thousands of ways to make things better, only one tastes as delicious as our Super Mac Bros meals do! Put down the phone, shut your laptop, and head on over to where you normally find our food trucks and be prepared to watch your mood turn completely around! The triple-digit temperatures may be rising even higher, and the humidity of monsoon season may be drawing closer, but the party in your mouth that you enjoy after every bite will make it impossible to be anything but happy! Stop by today and be happy!


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