Let Super Mac Bros Handle Labor Day Catering for your Event!

The kids have been back in school for at least a few weeks now, the stores are beginning to add a mixture of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas items to their shelves, and there was that one day last week when you were able to walk to the mailbox in your bare feet without losing a layer of skin! (It was immediately after the rain, of course, and you barely made it BACK to the house before you were running on your tiptoes, but it still counts!) But however you choose to acknowledge the undeniable fact that the worst part of summer is ending, chances are you also celebrating the move to second summer (you know, when the temps are still high but not blistering and the air begins to dry out again after the end of the monsoon season) with a Labor Day party that will reintroduce your family, friends, and neighbors to the joy of outdoor life! And because it is still too hot to grill, and your electric bills are still in the stratospheric range, and this weekend day is dedicated to NOT doing any labor, you are now looking into letting Super Mac Bros provide Labor Day catering for your big event, something we wholeheartedly feel would bring your party to the next level of wonderful!

All-American Meals for an All-American Celebration

Burgers, hot dogs, tacos, and, of course, macaroni and cheese. What do these food items have in common, you ask? All are meals that are created to make your celebrations ones that are filled with taste! But it is its macaroni and cheese that transports diners back to the happiest times in their lives. Macaroni and cheese was the dish our mothers made to celebrate special occasions, but our Super Mac Bros mac and cheese is not your mother’s dish! Still offering the gooey goodness that just tastes like comfort and happiness but offering our own tasteful spin on the dish you have loved since childhood, your Labor Day bash will be the talk of the town when you choose us to feed your family and friends!

A Flavor for Every Guest

It’s the differences between people that make us all get along so well, but those same differences can make it difficult when it comes time to sit down for a meal, celebratory or not which is why our mac and cheese dishes can be the best solution for your party! Grandma Mary Lou may prefer the traditional tastes associated with our Truffle Toad mac and cheese, made with alfredo truffle cream sauce and roasted garlic mushrooms while your mom, her daughter, may desire a touch of heat, something that can be found in our Rosalina Southwest Mac. Made with chorizo, chipotle cream, black beans, and roasted sweet corn, every bite will definitely be her favorite! Your feast will be sweeter with the taste of our Sweet Luigi, made with fresh pesto cream, Italian squash, sweet bell peppers, and parmesan cheese and for those with larger appetites a choice of chicken, steak, or shrimp can be added to any dish, depending on the menu you choose!  In case you were wondering, statistically, c has always offered the chance of being the right answer and our Menu Option C continues with the tradition, as it is the only one that offers the addition of all 3 proteins! The flower children in your life will love our Daisy Mac (no protein in this dish!) and your Uncle Wayne who has always enjoyed a larger appetite will not walk away hungry when he digs into our Big Bowser meal; made with chipotle cream, roasted corn, bell peppers, cheddar cheese, and applewood smoked bacon, the addition of steak, chicken, or shrimp will satisfy the heartiest appetites!

More Ways to Labor Less

We can’t skim the debris from the bottom of your pool and we won’t mow your grass or clean your windows but when you choose our Super Mac Bros Labor Day catering services, you have more ways to labor less on this day devoted to doing just that! Keep it simple without drop-off service, where we prepare the food, set it up, including all the napkins, cutlery, and plates, and then leave you to enjoy the party with those you love most. (everything is disposable and easy to clean up at the end of the evening.) Make it fancy with our traditional service which offers chef-manned action stations, or go all out, if you have the space, and order up one of our full-sized food trucks and really impress the neighborhood! (We also offer a food trailer with a service window if you don’t quite have the space for a big truck in your backyard or driveway!

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