Make a Stop at Super Mac Bros This Halloween!

And just like that, another calendar page has turned and we have once again found ourselves standing on the precipice of the big holidays that hit every year. The weather cools, the kids get rowdier, and our list of chores grows exponentially as we shop, decorate, clean, and bake our way into our family and friends’ hearts! On Halloween, working parents all over the world add yet another item to their growing lists, that of getting home early enough to help our kiddos with their costumes, their treat bags, and making sure we didn’t eat all the candy we purchased earlier in the month! Oh, and in the middle of all that fun and confusion, we also have to feed them real food to be proactive against the sugar high that will happen just a few hours down the road! Busy parents are used to jamming 27 hours of life into 24 hours of the day and grabbing a quick meal after stopping to buy another bag of candy (yeah, you ate it all!) is one of the specialties of crazy busy moms and dads, and we think that stop you make should be at Super Mac Bros during an Arizona Halloween!

Cooler Nights and Comfort Foods

We desert dwellers are used to the heat but that doesn’t mean we don’t begin dreaming about the cooler days of fall from the moment the temps begin to rise again! And by the time Halloween rolls around, we are ready for the comfort foods that just seem too heavy to enjoy in those warmer months; big pots of chili, large pans of lasagna, and, of course, everyone’s favorite comfort dish, heaping bowls of rich and gooey macaroni and cheese begin to haunt our dreams! And because, as earlier mentioned, you have enough on your plate this spooky night, you won’t want to cook but you can still enjoy the rich deliciousness of macaroni and cheese after one last stop before home, one that takes you to our Super Mac Bros food trucks! Offering a few minutes of blissful peace as you breathe in the scents of our innovative versions of your favorite dish, you may find yourself staying just a little bit longer, relaxing a little bit more, and putting off the inevitable chaos for just a few more minutes! Costume catastrophes, sugar high tantrums, and the invasion of ghosts, goblins, and tiny Joe Exotics will still be waiting for you and these moments of peace and quiet will be most appreciated!

Which Horror Movie Goes Best with Super Mac Bros

Trick or Treating isn’t an adventure in every family and if your idea of a good time on a cool and spooky Halloween night is to park yourself in front of your large screen for a long night of your favorite horror movies, these dishes will be the perfect accompaniment! We have it on good authority that if Freddie K. were in the room, his mac and cheese of choice would be the spicy Fire Mario! He is used to the heat and this fiery dish offers a wonderful counter to the coolness of the night outside. For friends of Jason, our Truffle Toad may just remind him of his nights at camp when the cacophony of bullfrog calls rang through the night! His mask can help hide any hint of bad breath, allowing him to eat his fill of the garlicky roasted mushrooms that take the Truffle Toad to the next level of wonderful and because every serial killer needs a little extra protein in their diet, adding on chicken or steak may be required! Now, finding a dish that Michael may love is a little bit more difficult, as he doesn’t like to take off HIS mask, even to enjoy a good meal! We think, however, that Michael’s mask will be history when he gets the first scent of our Rosalina Southwest Mac, with extra steak added to its spicy goodness! Hearty and rich, this meal will hold him over as he goes about his very busy night of Halloween stalking and terrorizing! Obviously, the fictional characters in your favorite movies will not be coming to dine with you, but the meals we mentioned are destined to be the best accompaniment to your night of scares! There may not be a full moon this holiday (We will be in the waxing crescent stage of the moon on Halloween) but you will still have the Halloween of your dreams when you share it with Super Mac Bros!

No Haunted Food Trucks

We all love a good scary movie but we aren’t so fond of hauntings in our homes, so we can reassure you, you will not encounter any ghosts at any of our Super Mac Bros food trucks, but you don’t have to take our word for it; stop by on one of our cool Arizona Halloween nights and check it out for yourself! Visit us today!


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