The Super Bowl 2023 Is Happening in Arizona – Have Super Mac Bros Cater Your Celebrations!

Arizona may be a little late to the game, only becoming a state in 1912 and not even having its own professional football team until 1988, but over the last few decades we have began to make our presence known for more than Western movies and dust storms. Today, we are known for the Phoenix Suns, the Arizona Cardinals, and for being the state where everyone wants to live in the winter—although those numbers dwindle in the summer months! And for one special week in the month of February, the eyes of the world will be turned to our desert town as Super Bowl LVII makes it way to the Grand Canyon State via the State Farm Stadium in Glendale.

Yes, for the 4th time in 26 years, we are hosting the nation’s biggest game, and we can’t tell you how exciting and beneficial it can be to everyone who makes their home here! Offering a week of exciting activities and fun events that culminate in the big game, (Who do you think will be on the gridiron? Our hearts vote for our hometown team!) chances are that distant family members and friends will be making their way to your home for a taste of all that fun. Regular people can’t really afford tickets that can cost $5000 or more, but sometimes just being within proximity of something special can make you feel included, and if you, like thousands of others are planning a Super Bowl 2023 Party, why not let Super Mac Bros cater your big event?

As American as American Football

Obviously, the world is divided on what sport should be considered football, but in this country, that leather prolate spheroid signifies that American football is about to be played! And as you take part in exciting events throughout the week, including a Super Bowl Gospel Celebration at the Mesa Arts Center on February 8, the Taste of the NFL at Chateau Luxe on February 11, or maybe just hanging out at the FOX Sports Broadcast Set, which will be offering various programming throughout the week on the Great Lawn at State Farm Stadium, are you really going to want to take time out of your fun to plan, shop for, and prepare the foods for your Super Bowl party? We didn’t think so, and as such, the all-American dish of macaroni and cheese is being offered up as amazing accompaniment to your game day plans; we don’t think you will mind too much either!

A Dish for Every Event

Of course, most people are willing to settle for one big party on the day of Super Bowl, (February 12) but because there are so many events taking place during the fun-filled week before the game, maybe you would like to theme your own parties around each event! The Super Bowl Experience will be taking place at the Phoenix Convention Center on February 4-5 and 9-11, so why not set up our drop off catering service for a get together following your adventures? The entire week of Super Bowl, a Free Fan Fest will take place at Margaret T. Hance Park, and although there will be food, drinks, and entertainment there, after a long day at the park, you may be hungry for a big bowl of our Rosalina Southwest Mac! The Footprint Center will be hosting the Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest, February 9 through 11, and after you spend an evening listening to your favorite superstars perform (previous years, Gwen Stefani, Green Day, and Machine Gun Kelly have performed) the sudden quiet may tempt you and your friends to throw a Spuds Mackenzie after party, complete with chef-attended action stations guaranteed to impress!

And finally, when the big day arrives, you and your guests will enjoy a party like no other party, especially when you choose to have one of our full-sized food trucks on site to serve! Let your guests choose the mac and cheese dishes they feel goes best with football, cheerleaders, and that amazing halftime show, starring the magical Rihanna! Yes, Rihanna is performing, and rumor on the streets is that mac and cheese is her favorite, so by having your Super Bowl Party catered by Super Mac Bros, in a way you would be paying her homage!

The Best Is Yet to Come

After the final touchdown has been scored, the last of the camera crews have packed up their cameras, and your Super Bowl 2023 seeking guests have headed back to their wintry hometowns, your party may have ended, but you know that your taste for Super Mac Bros has not! You can enjoy every dish we make every day of the week if that is what you prefer. But for this glorious week in February, it is time to schedule our catering services. Give us a call today!


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