Enjoy a Romantic Dinner Phoenix with Us this Valentine’s Day

When you find the person that means the world to you, you are also willing to give the world to them, especially on Valentine’s Day. This is one of two days in the year (the other being your anniversary, of course!) designed purely to celebrate your love and you want your Valentine to understand just how much he or she means to you! For some, this could mean gifts that include expensive diamonds and a visit to the most exclusive restaurants in town, for others it could mean a home-cooked meal and a giant box of chocolates nestled in a heart-shaped box, but it is the third type of people we are interested in talking to today. The sweet souls that have managed to find the person that completes them, the ones who find comfort by simply being in their presence and have realized that showing love doesn’t always involve expensive gifts and pretentious meals. Sometimes the best way to express your love is with a quiet walk around Town Lake at sunset, a day spent exploring the beauty of the Phoenix Zoo examining the animals that have their own partners in life, and a visit to one of our Super Mac Bros food trucks, where each bite of each romantic dinner in Phoenix we offer represents, warmth, comfort, and family!

True Love with Every Bite

What goes best with love and happiness? A heaping bowl of mac and cheese, of course, but not just any macaroni and cheese! Your love is unique, like snowflakes there are no two loves in the world that is alike and your uniqueness requires a taste on the wild side! Our mac and cheese dishes may vary from the ones your grandmother made but with each creamy bite you take, you will fall deeper and deeper in love!

Truffle Toad adds elegance to your Valentine’s Day, serving up roasted garlic mushrooms (if you both eat the Truffle Toad, you won’t have to worry about garlic breath!) and a creamy truffle sauce that could easily be served at those fancy restaurants without feeling like the awkward cousin who came along for the date because your mom made you invite him!

Our Fire Mario may resemble ordinary mac and cheese, but the fire in its creamy tomato sauce is like the fire of your romance; a happy surprise that you will always be grateful for! Yours may be a deep and layered relationship, one filled with many levels of love, interest, and fun and for a romance like yours, the only macaroni and cheese that will suffice could be our Rosalina Southwest Mac! Offering a taste of our southwestern cities, layered with the heat of chorizo, the sweetness of a summer day in Kansas (sweet corn), and a blend of flavors that should feel complicated but is as simple as the love you feel every time you look into each other’s eyes!

And finally, many couples have stood together through the good times, the bad times, and the so horrible times that they thought they would never survive, doing so hand in hand and with a single-minded determination that they will not fail. For those, our traditional mac and cheese, our Yoshi Cheesy Mac, offers strength, flavor, and creamy goodness that will feed your soul as it fills your belly! Valentine’s Day can be a scary time for any couple, especially when you are simply afraid of choosing the right gift, but we can promise you this one thing. You will never be wrong when you choose to follow our Super Mac Bros food trucks for a meal that speaks to both your hearts!

There is Always Time

There will always be time for a fancy dinner, a glittery piece of ice that shines brightly on the finger, and exotic trips to sophisticated locales. But for those who crave the stability of a long relationship, who cherish the everyday moments, and who prop each other up with words of warmth and support, the simplest Valentine’s gifts are the ones that will stand the test of time. Fall in love all over again over a bowl of Super Mac Bros’ finest mac and cheeses, sharing bites of deliciousness, and rediscover all the things that drew you together in the first place, including a love for the simple and pure! Our mac and cheese dishes are made to impress, being created with farm-fresh ingredients and spiced with a pinch of love and we think that your love deserves to be celebrated! Start planning your romantic meal at Super Mac Bros today and know that your gift of taste will be the one he or she appreciates more than the biggest diamond in the world!


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