Visiting Phoenix? Make Sure You Make Time for a Meal at Super Mac Bros!

Sometimes, when you are far from home, no matter how exciting of an adventure you are having, you begin to miss all the things that make you feel safe and at home. Your nights seem longer in a strange bed, your days can be filled with insecurities as you try to find your way around a new place, and although you enjoy trying new flavors, you miss the old standbys, the comfort foods that bring you, well, comfort! When you are visiting Phoenix, however, while we at Super Mac Bros can’t change the bed you sleep in or how easily you seem to get lost in town, we can provide you with at least one of your favorite comfort foods, the rich, creamy, and oh so delicious macaroni and cheese! Yes, we offer flavor varieties that may only resemble the dish your grandmother made in the most delicious of ways, but we also offer the classic dish that you remember from your youth, bringing a taste of home to your Southwest adventures.

A Change for the Better

Your visit to Phoenix, whether it is for a few days, a few weeks, or a few months, is destined to be filled with exciting adventures that create memories you will cherish forever. Plan a visit to the Phoenix Zoo, where you can meet our resident tiger, the sweet Joanna, and enjoy the sunshine on a winter day that never seems to happen in your home town. There are over 120 acres of land in our beautiful zoo, and after a morning of doing your best to cover as many of the acres as possible, you will be ready for the nourishment a bowl of mac and cheese can bring, and because you may be especially hungry, we recommend our Rosalina Southwest Mac, with extra steak added! Hearty, spicy, and offering a change from your normal comfort food dish, the extra protein will give you enough energy to spend the afternoon exploring the Desert Botanical Gardens that are right next door. During the spring months, they also offer a butterfly exhibit which shouldn’t be missed, so dig into that bowl of Rosalina Southwest Mac and build up your strength for an afternoon of beauty and delight!

How to Find Us

The best thing about Super Mac Bros is you can find us pretty much anywhere in the valley, as we are a gourmet food truck! Driving all over the valley to provide food and love, our food trucks are easy to find, just follow your nose until you see the colorful truck that brings comfort and love to everyone in the valley. We also offer catering services, so if your visit is an extended one (welcome winter visitors!) and you want to have a get together with all your friends you haven’t seen in a year, give us a call at (602) 848-8823 and discover everything we can bring to the table. Our full-sized food trucks fit into larger yards and cul de sacs, but we also offer drop off catering, so don’t worry if the space you have is too small for a big truck.

A Meal for Every Occasion

The best part of the menu at Super Mac Bros is learning that there is a meal for every occasion or activity. While we doubt that they would let you in to the Spring Training games of the Cactus League with a big bowl of Fire Mario, made with a spicy tomato cream sauce, elbow pasta, and parmesan cheese, having one waiting for you after the last game has been played will be the cherry on the top of your baseball sundae! The weather can be a little chilly in the winter months, and a bowl of Truffle Toad is the perfect way to warm you up after a hike up South Mountain. As a matter of fact, just be sure the bowl is seal tight, add it to your backpack, and enjoy its warm and creamy deliciousness from Dobbins Lookout, a stone structure located at the acme of South Mountain. This is the highest view point in the Valley, offering incredible sights that stretch out for miles and can be the highlight of your Phoenix adventures, especially when combined with our Super Mac Bros meals. But even if you are planning on doing nothing more strenuous than sitting out on your balcony, enjoying mountain views and basking in the warmth of the spring sun, our mac and cheese bowls will offer the perfect accompaniment to your relaxation!

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We are happy to be able to provide the comforts of home during your unforgettable visit to Phoenix. Welcome to Phoenix and your newest obsession!


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