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Pretzel Bites

Pretzel Bites

A hot and delicious meal is waiting for you every time you make the trek to Super Mac Bro. If you have not heard about our delicious mac and cheese dishes you are in for quite the treat. We specialize in making fresh and never boring mac and cheese dishes using fresh ingredients. Each bite will take you back to your childhood as you savor the delicious flavors. Mac and cheese are not the only options we have either. Our menu also includes a variety of small bites that make for a delicious appetizer or side item. This includes our pretzel bites, a classic favorite to start any meal with. Take a look at how this tasty small bite can be enjoyed with your meal:

Quick and Easy Starter

Everyone loves a good pretzel; you simply cannot hate on crunchy but not too hard exterior with a soft and bready interior. Pretzels have been around for hundreds of years, and our pretzel bites are sure to stick around as well. Pretzels can be found at practically any restaurant in town due to its popularity. While most places serve their pretzels in whole shapes that you have to tear off pieces for yourself, we take care of the hard work for you. Instead, we offer our pretzel in bite size pieces so you can dip them all you want. Speaking of dipping, our pretzel bites come with the perfect complimentary dipping sauce: mustard. That’s right, our pretzel bites include the classic mustard dipping sauce to truly bring out the flavor in every bite. Our mustard is made with whole grain and not like the cheap kind found at your local grocer. Savor the classic combination of soft pretzel bites and tangy mustard for this classic appetizer or side item to your meal at Super Mac Bros.

Add to a Catering Order

You can purchase our pretzel bites whenever you find our food truck out in the Phoenix Valley. Simply order it alongside your favorite mac and cheese dish for the perfect combination. You can also order our pretzel bites whenever you book one of our catering orders too. We can prepare orders of all sizes for any special event thrown our way.

Super Mac Bros and Pretzel Bites

As you can see, we offer plenty on our menu besides just mac and cheese. Find us today and try out the pretzel bites for yourself!