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Toad’s Truffle Mac and Cheese

Toad’s Truffle Mac and Cheese

Whenever someone thinks of a luxury ingredient to use for their next dish, they often have truffles come to mind. Truffles have always had a sense of luxury with them, and menus have continued to use them more and more over the years. At Super Mac Bros, we are known for fresh ingredients that make for some of the best tasting mac and cheese around. We also have our own special truffle dish with the Truffle Toad, a decadent mac and cheese option that will help you defeat the next level in life. Take a look at what Toad’s Truffle mac and cheese has to offer you:

Fresh Mac and Cheese Dishes

At Super Mac Bros, our dishes come served with only the freshest ingredients around. We know that most mac and cheese options come with dry powder that is used as flavor and served in a card board box. We use fresh pasta and toppings for a gourmet mac and cheese that is always served hot and gooey just the way you like it. You will be happy you made the choice to come to Super Mac Bros to satisfy your mac and cheese cravings!

Toad’s Truffle Mac and Cheese to the Rescue

Any video game expert can easily tell you that Toad was always there to help the famous plumber find the princess at the end of the day. While he may not have always been involved in the action, he more than made up for it by helping his friends. That is exactly what we offer with our Truffle Toad that is a decadent treat. Help your taste buds with an incredible time by ordering this mac and cheese option. It uses elbow pasta as the base before being topped off with an alfredo truffle cream sauce, roasted garlic mushrooms, and parsley. This combination is like no other mac and cheese you have ever experienced. Try it out the next time you stop by Super Mac Bros!

Super Mac Bros Is Ready

You too can enjoy the goodness of our Truffle Toad the next time you track down our food truck or schedule one of our catering services for your special event. You will not find a gourmet mac and cheese offering just like it, making the Truffle Toad a unique experience. Don’t forget to add on a side or salad to make your experience at Super Mac Bros a complete meal.