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Bachelorette Party Catering Services in Phoenix Arizona

Bachelorette Party Catering Services in Phoenix Arizona

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Whenever a close friend or family member is preparing for their big day of marriage, you will be on hand planning a thrilling bachelorette party. There is no better way to enjoy the last of their single days than with friends, fun activities, and food. Catering options are a great way to ensure your bachelorette party will have incredible food and allow yourself to focus on other aspects of the event. Let Super Mac Bros take care of your bachelorette party meal with our delicious mac and cheese bowls. These dishes are perfect to celebrate with as they offer fresh ingredients and tasty options. Take a look at our catering services in Phoenix, Arizona, for your bachelorette party:

Mac and Cheese Done Right

Mac and cheese is no longer just for the kids. Head to any big restaurant and you will find mac and cheese under the main entrée selection. The mac and cheese found at Super Mac Bros is not like the mac and cheese from your youth; instead of powdered cheese and stale pasta, we use nothing but fresh ingredients. This includes the pasta, toppings, and cheese in every bowl. Mac and cheese is a fun and unique option that will help make your bachelorette party one to remember. The options we provide include our Spicy Mario, a heat seeker’s dream. This mac and cheese dish comes with penne pasta, spicy tomato cream sauce, and parmesan cheese. Next up on the menu is Big Bowser, and it’s quite the mac and cheese bowl. It features chipotle cream, roasted corn, cheddar cheese, bell peppers, applewood smoked bacon, and elbow pasta. Our third dish is Truffle Toad, and it features alfredo truffle cream sauce, parsley, roasted garlic mushrooms, and elbow pasta. Our Rosalina Southwest Mac comes with chorizo, black beans, chipotle cream, roasted sweet corn, salsa verde, and cilantro. Last up on the menu is our Daisy Mac, perfect for any vegetarians in your party. This dish features grilled tofu, bell peppers, grilled sweet corn, cheddar cheese sauce, and elbow pasta. That is quite the selection of tasty mac and cheese for your bachelorette party!

Don’t Forget the Sides

At Super Mac Bros, you can make a full meal with our mac and cheese bowls and pair them with a side or two. Our selection of starters and sides will be available for you to choose from with our catering services. Try out our elote; this classic street corn is served with aioli, cilantro, smoked paprika, and cotija cheese. You can also try out our pretzel bites that can be dipped into the paired whole grain mustard. Salad lovers will appreciate the Waluigi Salad for a healthy option; this choice comes with fresh greens, English cucumber, cherry tomato, and much more. Our mini cannoli can cap off your catered meal with a bite sized treat native to Italy. Our drink selection will help you wash it all down too. We provide a variety of canned soda, bottled water, and our signature house made lemonade that is served in mason jars. Don’t miss out on these tasty sides and drinks!

Multiple Catering Options

Many catering companies only provide a single way to cater your special event. We make sure to let our clients pick how they want their special event services. First up is having our food truck come straight to you. This is perfect for larger bachelorette parties that are in an outdoor space with enough room for our food truck to set up. Your guests can order whenever they get hungry and choose from our entire food truck menu. This includes all of our mac and cheese options along with the sides. Having a food truck on hand can help kick up the excitement. We can also prepare your order the day of the bachelorette party and have it delivered to you. The food will still be hot and ready to eat, but you will not have to worry about the food truck being at your party. There is no wrong way to choose our catering options!

More Events to Cater

Do not just stop at bachelorette parties for your catering needs. Super Mac Bros can cater any kind of event you have. We cater all kinds of events such as birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, corporate lunches, rehearsal dinners, and even weddings. You can even have us cater for the guys at the accompanying bachelor party too. Now that is quite a few ways to enjoy Super Mac Bros and our catering services.

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