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Best Drinks to Pair with Our Mac and Cheese

Best Drinks to Pair with Our Mac and Cheese

If you are looking to make the most of a special occasion with delicious food, you simply cannot beat our catering services from Super Mac Bros. There is nothing more exciting to have for a special event (or eyebrow-raising) than mac and cheese! You can have the best mac n cheese in Phoenix for any occasion, such as birthday dinners and corporate events. You will find everyone joyful to dig into a dish from their childhood that has been modernized with fresh ingredients and plenty of flavors. One aspect of our mac and cheese that you may not have thought about yet is what to pair it with. Sure, we offer a variety of side items and desserts, but what we are talking about here are drinks. Everyone needs a beverage to help wash down any meal. Take a look at some of the best drinks to pair with our mac and cheese:

Our Selection of Drinks in Phoenix

When you order from Super Mac Bros, you will find that we offer a selection of canned sodas and bottled water. These make it easy to have everyone in your event choose something for themselves. While these drinks in Phoenix do not specifically pair with mac and cheese, they are customer favorites and are individually sized, making them easy to disperse. We also offer our house-made lemonade which has become a fan favorite. Our lemonade is served in 15 different flavors, from our Original Lemonade recipe to exciting flavors such as Prickly Pear. Each lemonade is served in a 32-ounce mason jar that looks cool too!

White Wine

If you are looking to spice up your event or small gathering with adult beverages, you will want to know that white wine always pairs perfectly with mac and cheese. White wine is always a preferred wine for any cheese-related dish that pairs well with each bite. Specifically, unoaked and light chardonnay is your best bet with our mac and cheese dishes. It adds a simple combination of flavors to the mouth and will not leave you feeling too full. If you end up adding some protein to your mac and cheese, you may be curious in trying a white burgundy or chenin blanc that will pair well with the meat. A dry Riesling has also been a fan-favorite pairing for years. Rieslings typically offer a sweet and crispy bite with every sip, similar to what it feels like when biting into an apple. This crispiness is the complete opposite of biting into mac and cheese, and that is why it works so well. If you are looking for pairings that bring out different sensations, try a Riesling with our mac and cheese!

Dry Cider

Another great adult beverage that works well with mac and cheese is dry cider. While most cider tends to be overly sweet and indulgent, you can typically find dry cider at any local market. The flavor is not overly sweet, yet you will still get the crispy bite with each sip; this is similar to our pairing description for a bottle of Riesling. Dry cider is a great alternative for those who do not prefer wine or beer but still want an adult beverage with their mac and cheese. A bottle or two of your favorite dry cider will do the pairing trick. For the children, purchase them a bottle of nonalcoholic apple cider and see how they like the pairing!


You are already eating your carbs in mac and cheese, so treat yourself to a cold glass of beer for your mac and cheese pairing. There are many different styles of beer that pair perfectly with cheese. Specifically, classic English ales and American brown ales are what you are looking for. The crisp clean feeling of an English ale will help you wash down every bite while the nuttiness of a brown ale is also tasty with a bit of cheese.


Last but certainly not least is champagne. While champagne may initially seem like an odd choice with mac and cheese, you will have your mind easily turned. Champagne is always a great pairing whenever truffles are involved, and our Truffle Toad features white truffle oil in each bowl. The combination of truffle and champagne has been a pairing for generations and will continue once you have tried it out for yourself.

Try Out These Pairings Yourself from Super Mac Bros

Those are quite a few different ways to enjoy our delicious mac and cheese bowls whenever you order from Super Mac Bros. Take a look at our menu with the best mac n cheese in Phoenix and see which one really calls out to you. Then, plan on having any of these beverages on hand to create the perfect pairing sensation!


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