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Christmas Catering

Christmas Catering

The holiday season is in full swing, and Christmas will be here before you know it. If you are still getting over hosting Thanksgiving at the house, you may have not yet thought about Christmas dinner. It can be difficult to prepare a large meal for family and guests after recently spending days in the kitchen. This Christmas start a new family tradition by having your meal catered by the pros at Super Mac Bros. Everyone loves a good bowl of mac and cheese and ours does not disappoint. You will find fresh ingredients and tasty flavors in every bite. Take a look at how our Christmas catering services can take care of your celebration:

More Mac and Cheese Options

Classic Christmas dinners typically resemble a main dish and plenty of sides for the family to share. However, eating the same thing year after year can get stale quickly. Skip out on a bland dinner and instead have a bite of our delicious mac and cheese offerings. Each dish will light up your taste buds for a magical experience. Everyone got their mac and cheese fix started as a child. We still envy the days of having mom and dad prepare mac and cheese for dinner upon request. Our mac and cheese does not use stale pasta and cheese powder out of a cardboard box and instead uses real and fresh ingredients. We prepare the dishes upon order so you can expect a tasty bite every time you go in for more. When you order our catering services, you will have access to all of the options we have on our mac and cheese food truck menu. This includes our Spicy Mario that is elbow pasta topped with spicy tomato cream sauce and parmesan cheese. Up next is our Truffle Toad that features alfredo cream sauce along with roasted garlic mushrooms and parsley over a bed of pasta. Rosalina Southwest Mac is the Southwest twist on mac and cheese coming with black beans, chorizo, chipotle cream, and roasted sweet corn. Our final option on the menu is the Yoshi Cheesy Mac that is a classic combination of just pasta and cheese. As you can see, there is something for everyone on our menu. You can also mix up our mac and cheese bowls by adding protein for an additional charge. Choose between chicken and steak for a delicious experience.

Add on Some Sides

Our mac and cheese food truck menu includes more than just mac and cheese bowls. You can make it a full culinary experience by adding on one of our tasty sides too. Choose between items such as our pretzel bites. These bite-size pretzels are the perfect size to be dipped into our whole-grain mustard. The elote is roasted street corn topped off with aioli, smoked paprika, and cotija cheese. Try the Waluigi Salad featuring leafy greens, cherry tomatoes, English cucumber, and our house-made salad dressing. You can never forget about dessert or the children may go on strike for the holidays. Treat them to our mini cannoli, a bite-size version of the classic Italian dessert. You can also have the drinks covered at your event too. We currently offer a variety of canned soda, bottled water, and our house-made lemonade that is served in mason jars and comes in a variety of flavors. Pick and choose to create the ultimate Christmas feast with a little twist from Super Mac Bros.

How to Cater Your Christmas Celebration

We understand that no two Christmas celebrations will be the same, so we make sure to offer a variety of catering services to suit your needs. Some celebrations may call for having our food truck come to your event and hosting the meal. Guests can order from the food truck whenever they get hungry. Each item is made to order guaranteeing freshness. This is the perfect option for those who wish to take advantage of the lovely Arizona weather and have an outdoor event. If you do not have the space for our food truck to come to you, we also have our delivery option available too. We can prepare your order right before your celebration begins and have it brought directly to you. The food will all be hot and ready to eat making sure no one goes hungry. Each of these catering options are guaranteed to make sure you and your guests have the best-tasting Christmas celebration you have ever experienced!

Book Your Christmas Catering Services Today

There is no one better at providing delicious mac and cheese dishes than the pros at Super Mac Bros. Our team will ensure your food is served hot and delicious just the way you expect it. Christmas is almost here so make sure to book our catering services before it is too late. Contact us today!