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Tempe Super Mac Bros Mac and Cheese Cart

Tempe Super Mac Bros Mac and Cheese Cart

When you think back to your childhood days, you often think about the delicious yet simple meals our parents always fed us. One of the top dishes that always satisfied any child would be a bowl of mac and cheese. Seriously, there is no way to go wrong with the incredible combination of pasta and cheese, all mixed into one delicious meal. Just because you are an adult now does not mean mac and cheese is out of your reach. If you’re looking for the best mac and cheese near me, come find a culinary delight with the mouthwatering mac and cheese made fresh from Super Mac Bros. Our mac and cheese is not like the box variants out there and instead uses real ingredients for an unbelievable experience. You can now get our fan favorite mac and cheese delivered right to your special event in Tempe with our mac and cheese cart service. Take a look at how our Tempe food cart catering service can make your party even better:

Mobile Mac and Cheese Cart

While our mac and cheese uses high quality ingredients than the boxed versions you had as a child, it is extremely easy to serve up to hungry guests. When you are hosting a private event or backyard party here in Tempe, we have you covered with our mac and cheese cart. As the name suggests, this catering service involves a cart that is used at your special event. One of our mac and cheese chefs will also be on hand serving up the goods whenever your guests get hungry. You can focus on all other aspects of your private event by letting us take care of all your food needs.

Tasty Mac and Cheese Options

While your mac and cheese as a child was just comprised of noodles and fake cheese, ours is anything but that. Instead, our mac and cheese bowls use freshly made pasta for a chewy bite each time. The type of pasta in your mac and cheese all depends on the mac and cheese dish you end up picking. When you book our mac and cheese catering cart, you can have access to each of our five different mac and cheese options. The first option comes with our Fire Mario, a spicy remix of mac and cheese with a spicy tomato cream sauce, parmesan cheese, and penne pasta. Up your game with the Big Bowser that features chipotle cream, roasted corn, bell peppers, cheddar cheese, apple wood smoked bacon, and elbow pasta. A decadent meal is waiting for you with the Truffle Toad mac and cheese that is complete with alfredo truffle cream sauce, roasted garlic mushrooms, parsley, and elbow pasta. You cannot go wrong with the Rosalina Southwest Mac that is topped with chorizo, chipotle cream, black beans, roasted sweet corn, and salsa verde. Last but certainly not least is the Daisy Mac that is perfect for vegetarians; this mac and cheese has grilled tofu, grilled sweet corn, bell peppers, cheddar cheese sauce, and elbow pasta. You can add on chicken or steak to any mac and cheese bowl too. Now that there is plenty of options to enjoy some of the best best mac and cheese in Tempe with!

Add on Small Bites at Our Tempe Food Cart

You can also have our mac and cheese cart come supplied with small bites to add to anyone’s mac and cheese bowl. Our small bites selection includes pretzel bites that can be dipped in whole grain mustard. Our elote is delicious sweet corn that is topped off with lime cilantro, aioli, smoked paprika, and cotija cheese. Don’t forget about dessert, as our mini cannoli with chocolate chip mascarpone cream are a culinary delight. Now you have some options for your party!

Additional Catering Services

Of course, our mac and cheese cart is just one of many different catering options we offer here at Super Mac Bros. Larger parties can benefit from our food truck coming out to host your event. Guests can order anything from the menu right from our food truck that is exciting to have on hand. We can also prepare a mac and cheese catering bar where your guests can serve themselves and throw on any toppings they want with their mac and cheese. There is no shortage of options for your party here in Tempe!

Super Mac Bros Is Waiting

Smash up all expectations for your upcoming Tempe party by having Super Mac Bros on hand with our mac and cheese cart. Our delicious mac and cheese will please everyone with our fresh and tasty options from the cart. Simply book your catering option with us today and see how all Tempe parties will never be the same again with some of the best mac and cheese near me.


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