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Springtime Mac and Cheese

Springtime Mac and Cheese

If you live here in Arizona with us, you know that it has been a wet winter season. There was plenty of rain all season long, and it continued into the spring. Luckily, everyone here at Super Mac Bros knows that plenty of rain and the spring season can only mean one thing: the freshest of ingredients! The spring season is a perfect time to try out our spring mac and cheese as we take advantage of the fresh produce and ingredients that are yielded from spring crops. Springtime has never looked this good before.

What Spring Means for Super Mac Bros

Whenever you enjoy a bite of one of our mac and cheese dishes, you will be enjoying fresh ingredients every time. We only use fresh ingredients for our mac and cheese in Phoenix, AZ to really set ourselves apart from the competitors. However, the spring season is known for an abundance of delicious produce and ingredients that are harvested from our rainy winter. This means you will find that our mac and cheese bowls will be more flavorful than ever! We continue to place high-quality ingredients as the only option for making our mac and cheese dishes. You will never find a mac and cheese dish from us that uses stale pasta, cheese powder, and old toppings!

Our Fresh Spring Mac and Cheese Bowls

Our food truck menu features a few different mac and cheese bowls that benefit specifically from fresh ingredients that you will find in spring. The first up is our Truffle Toad which happens to be one of our favorite entrees on the menu. This mac and cheese dish features our typical elbow pasta that is then covered with roasted garlic mushrooms and parsley. These toppings will enjoy the bountiful spring this year and be even more flavorful than ever. We make sure to use only fresh toppings for these mac and cheese dishes, and Truffle Toad is no different. The dish is then covered in our alfredo cream sauce which is also made in-house with fresh ingredients. Next up on the springtime menu is our Rosalina Southwest Mac. You will find that the flavors in this popular mac and cheese dish really pop out during the spring season. The Rosalina Southwest Mac features toppings such as black beans, chipotle cream, chorizo, roasted sweet corn, and our salsa verde. We use fresh ingredients for the salsa verde such as a variety of tomatoes, onions, and much more. Naturally, these produce items used for the salsa verde will be the freshest they can be in the spring. The roasted sweet corn will have tons of flavor that further adds to the delicious combination that this mac and cheese dish has to offer. Of course, all of our mac and cheese dishes benefit from fresh ingredients such as the cheese and cream sauces we use in the spring. Try out a bowl and see for yourself!

Ways to Cater This Spring

Getting a hold of our springtime mac and cheese in Phoenix, AZ has never been easier. The spring season (and subsequent summer season too) offers plenty of opportunities to reach out and book one of our catering options. Use one of the many holidays as the perfect excuse to get friends and family together and have our fresh mac and cheese dishes on hand. Our catering options will make sure that we provide the perfect option for your special event.

Our most popular catering option is to have the food truck come out to you. This option has our food truck set up in an outdoor space that you can provide. We will take orders from you and your guests whenever you get hungry. The entire food truck menu can be available with this catering option including our springtime favorites. Having a food truck on hand will also drum up some excitement from your guests.

We can also cater your special event in other ways too. If you do not have the space for the food truck or are staying indoors, simply have our team bring the food to you. Think of it as a fancy delivery service where you create an order big enough for your special event and we will bring it to you hot and ready to eat. You will still be able to choose from the entire food truck menu along with a few favorites not typically found on there. Regardless of the catering option you choose you will find that our springtime favorites are sure to highlight your special event.

Choose Super Mac Bros Today

As you can see, we have never been more excited here at Super Mac Bros than when it is spring. Our ingredients are as fresh as ever so do yourself a favor and book our catering services today to see for yourself!


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