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The blues that most people suffer from after the holidays are over do not occur when your birthday takes place in January or February. You know that after the last ornament is packed away, the final cookies have been eaten, and all the presents you received have been put in their places, you have the best day to look forward to, a day that is dedicated solely to you! And because birthdays are designed to be solo affairs—unless you are a twin, triplet, or other part of sibling “group”—you don’t have to share your toys, your meals, or your cake, although we hope you do share the latter! When it is time to throw the birthday bash of the year, we at Super Mac Bros also hope we can share in at least one of the chores that go along with a celebration, and by that, of course, we mean the preparation of the meal. There should be no work involved on your special day, and because winter days are made better with the simple pleasures of comfort food, our Arizona Mac and cheese bowls provide the perfect main dish for the observance of your favorite day of the year!

Mac and Cheese Food Truck Menu

2022 Is Going to Be Your Year

The past couple of years have been a little hard to swallow, but we have a feeling that 2022 is going to be the year that everything goes great for you, our dear Capricorn, Aquarius, or Pisces friend! This is the year the desert rains will bring your yard the wildflowers you love, the year in which none of your favorite television shows will end or be cancelled, and the year in which your love of mac and cheese will increase by leaps and bounds! Age won’t matter when you are celebrating at the bar, because this bar is a mac and cheese bar that doesn’t give you hangovers or regrets the next morning! The laughter at your celebration is guaranteed to be genuine as your guests chat, dance to the music YOU love, and devour all the different versions of macaroni and cheese that can only be offered by Super Mac Bros. Birthday parties can be hit or miss, but yours is guaranteed to be the toast of the town, simply because you are the birthday boy or girl and mac and cheese is on the menu!

So Many Ways to Enjoy Arizona Mac and Cheese

Chances are you have tried all our mac and cheese bowls at least a few times, but have you ever had the opportunity to try them all at once? If you answered yes, obviously you are our type of person, but if you answered no, your birthday will be the celebration that makes all the difference! And because not all homes have yards large enough to fit an entire food truck, we offer multiple ways that you can enjoy our delicious dishes. Our food trailers towed by a full-sized pick-up truck can fit in longer driveways and offers a service window for guests to line up and make the most important decision of the night. Do they want Fire Mario, Big Bowser, or are they going to stick with their principles and order the vegetarian delight, the Daisy Mac? Perhaps you are looking for something a little more intimate, not really sure you are up to celebrating growing another year older, or just don’t have the space; our drop-off catering service is designed for you then, allowing you to choose the menu plan that makes you happiest (labelled A, B, and C for your convenience) and wait for us to drop off, set up, and leave. Feeling fancy as you gracefully enter a new decade of promise? Our full-service catering option offers double sided buffets filled with your favorite mac and cheese treats and chef-manned mac and cheese stations that are guaranteed to make your guests feel special!

Mac and Cheese Food Truck Catering Services

Sweet Treats for the Birthday Celebrants

As we mentioned earlier, cake is our favorite, but coming in closely behind is the sweet churros and mini cannoli we offer on our Super Mac Bros catering menu. Because it is your birthday and everyone knows there are no calories in birthday treats, we think you should add both to the menu and enjoy the sweetest birthday ever! We won’t even judge you if you decide to eat dessert first to ensure that you have room in your stomach for all three. Can you picture it? A plate filled with crème filled churros, mini cannoli, and a big slice of birthday cake sounds like heaven to us, and because your birthday comes but once a year, we say it is the perfect time to live like a king or queen!

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